Flex-Able 36th Anniversary Release is out now!

Well, it’s been more than 36 years since Flex-Able was released but when I decided to do this it was 36 years old, eh.
I love this crazy little record and wanted to get one final up-to-date mastering done by Bernie Grundman himself who is perhaps the greatest vinyl mastering engineer in the business. We did our very best to make this the highest quality reissue it could be and in listening, I feel the audio experience is superior to the original release. We are also offering all sorts of items in the Flex-Able theme on vaimerch.com.

This record is where it all started for me as a solo artist. The support it has received through the years is a surprise and delight.
And here it is in what I assume is its final re-mastering and re-packaging.


And thank you.