Fire Garden Gear


The new amp head setting (above) includes a Bogner Ecstasy and an Egnater. The Egnater is a USA-made all-tube amp capable of MIDI control with 100W output and 2 completely individual channels (there are 4 channels total and 2 EQ’s, which control two channels each). The SDE-3000 is connected to the Egnater’s effects loop. The tubes are by Groove Tubes. 




The G3/Fire Garden effects rack (above) saw the harmonizers return. It includes a Furman PL-8 power unit, an Eventide H3000S Ultra Harmonizer, 2 Roland SRV-2000 reverbs, a Digitech DHP-55 harmonizer, and the Digitech Rack Of Wham. The roll-out drawer in the bottom held a Sobbat Glow-Vibe churus unit, an MXR Phase 100 pedal, and a Digital Music Corp 8-channel switching system (see right).

This picture (left) was taken in October 1996, some changes have been made since then but this photo is still pretty accurate. The pedalboard contains a Digitech Whammy pedal, a Custom Audio 16-channel switching unit, a BOSS CE-5 Chorus Ensemble pedal, a BOSS DS-1 Distortion pedal, a footswitch controlling chorus and distortion effects in the rack, and a hold switch for the delay. The little silver box above the Whammy pedal is a custom-made buffer/supply built by David Freeman of Rack Systems Ltd, which allows Steve to make so many connections and use cables of any length without any tone or signal degradation. The Morley Bad Horsie wah pedal has also become an integral part of Steve’s live sound, but no photos of the live rig more recent than this one exist yet.

This Bogner and Marshall were used by Steve’s guitar tech as monitors at the side of the stage.
This photo was taken during the G3 tour in October, 1996. From top to bottom, a Furman PL-8 power unit, a Peterson R450 stroboscopic tuner, 2 Carvin F150 power amps, a Carvin F300, and Steve’s favorite VHT Classic power amp.