February 20, 2007:

Well, today I finally did something that I have been putting off year after year. I attended Jury duty! I probably could have gotten out of it again but I felt that it was important to make the contribution as a citizen. Lucky for me my name was not called so I did not have to sit on a jury and judge somebody. But I did get to sit quietly, undisturbed for 8 hours and that was kind of nice in itself. Good thing I brought reading materials.

Later when I returned home John Frusciante from the Chili Peppers stopped by my house.

We ended up talking for hours about many things and then we went to his house and listened to a ton of cool music. He is a very special person with a deep passion for music, the guitar and life.

Although I did not get any work done today, after I left his house I felt as though I really needed the experience to balance myself out a bit after being buried in the studio for so long. It’s so rare that I get to just hang out with interesting people who I resonate both musically, personally and spiritually with. I discovered a gold mine in John.