February 18, 2007:

Pia and I went to a fund raider today that Alee Willis held at her house. She is probably the most tastefully colorful person I know. The fund raiser was to raise money to restore and archive old tapes of various famous black  speakers, musicians, etc.

This was the kind of party I really like. I met so many wonderful people, all there for a good cause.

I finally got to meet “Weird Al” Yankovic. I had to just hug him and thank him for all the times he made me smile. He’s a very cool guy.

Anyway, back to Sound Current.

Today I finished the track for the CD mix of Answers. My idea was to take the DVD version and cut out the solo, and replace it with something else but I can’t seem to get the ambiences to match. The two pieces are taken from such vast corners of the audio Universe.

I’m going to need a Day and Night of Brahma, or perhaps as the scientists put it, another big bang, to pull this off.

I might be all banged up!