Facebook Live Sessions

Hey Folks, I’ve been enjoying the two weekly Facebook Live sessions we’ve been holding. Our Tuesday at noon (PST) “Alien Guitar Secrets: Live” has been geared towards music, and guitar-related things, and our Thursday (noon PST) “Under It All: Hard Questions” sessions are focused on more esoteric principles, and I will perhaps not be playing the guitar in these episodes. Through the years, I occasionally get requests to talk about meditation, which is a subject I’ve been practicing through the years. So I thought it would be nice that for this Thursday’s “Under it All” session (April 9) I discuss concepts and practices of various meditations that may be helpful. Meditation is the practice of focusing the power of your attention. At one level, when we are engrossed in something such as the creative process, playing an instrument, etc. it’s a form of meditation in the realm of doing. Understanding some of these principles can be very helpful in the creative process. The deeper forms of meditation are focused on discovering the true reality of what you are directly. If you feel this kind of discussion may be of interest to you, please join us.

You can find the archives of past live sessiosn right here on Vai.com under ‘Live Podcasts’ and you can choose Alien Guitar Secrets and Under It All