Extraordinary Families

Extraordinary Families has changed the lives of more than 2,000 children in foster care. Together, for 25 years, we’ve written powerful success stories like this…

Chris and Jordan started their journey to parenthood after 11 years of marriage. Agreeing to foster one child, the universe had other plans for them. After receiving a call about two young boys, Joey and Jonathan, they knew they had enough love to welcome both brothers into their home. While preparing for their adoption a year later, they learned that the boys had a baby sister, Samantha, who also needed care. Surprising even themselves, they immediately said yes to keeping the siblings together. All three now share their “gotcha” day on December 5 when they became a forever family!

“Having children opened up a chamber of our hearts that we never knew existed. We couldn’t imagine our family any other way.”

Chris and Jordan did more than they thought they could when they opened their lives to provide a home for three children in need. Consider doing something unexpected too, and give the gift of home to children like Joey, Jonathan, and Samantha by making a donation to Extraordinary Families.

Our Year-End Campaign goal is simple. We want to provide homes for 200 children and youth in foster care in 2020. To reach this ambitious goal, we ask you to join us and make a contribution today.

Thanks to the generosity of two separate donors who have given a matching gift of $25,000, we have a unique opportunity to have your gift of $25, $50, $100 or more doubled if you give now!

Thank you, and best wishes for joyous holiday season,

Barnaby Muff, Interim CEO




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