Evolution Tempo Orchestra Tour Reviews

We received quite a few raving reviews on the recent Steve Vai and the Evolution Tempo Orchestra tour.

Thanks to everyone who came out and attended the shows.  If you were there, we encourage you to post your reviews on the forums!


A Steve Vai concert is a special event by default, but when he plays with an orchestra of 50 people, then the event is even more charming. His guitar has been around the world, and where it went it has created magic.

The stage was looking absolutely impressive and the lights were fabulous, adding more magic to the atmosphere.

The sound was excellent, the music impeccable and the public was mesmerized. Unfortunately, during the second half of the concert, the audience’s greatest fear came true: it started to rain. In the beginning there was just a thunder and a lightning that looked like it wanted to compete the stage lights and then it started pouring. Some left in a hurry, but most of the people remained. That night a DVD was shot and we are curious to see if the rain has succeeded to ruin it or not. We would prefer the second version. Still, Steve Vai did not stop playing and his words helped relax the atmosphere and the end of the concert was truly special. Before Liberty, while it was raining heavily, he said: “I dedicate this song to the Gods of Rain for making this night even more special”. His music is magnificent, his dedication admirable and with the help of the talented musicians in the orchestra, Steve Vai has offered us a really remarkable show. The Roman Arenas have bounced to the rhythm of rock and symphony in one night that the rain has failed to destroy, making it even more memorable.

There’s no doubt about it, seeing Steve Vai playing guitar on stage in his own style, transmitting a unique sentiment with every riff, it’s a truly special moment. And if you are lucky enough to see him for the second or third time live, then you are truly blessed, especially since the artist seems to feel like home in Romania.

It’s hard to find the right words to describe what comes out of this mix of mastery and deep emotion, that Vai and the orchestra perfectly conducted by George Natsis are transmitting. Only those who were present on Tuesday at the Roman Arenas can understand why Steve Vai’s music is truly entitled to be called art.

You cannot describe the state of mind that embraces you when Steve Vai comes on stage, smiling and relaxed, the vibration that takes over you, or the trance you get in the minute you hear the first chord and that holds you captive not only during the concert, but long after you have went home, soaking wet from the unexpected summer rain

A midsummer night’s dream having Steve Vai in leading role, unleashed, joking and in maximum shape. Steve Vai has demonstrated once again, if needed, why he cannot be included in just one musical category. His vision is unique and he can easily electrify the audience, make it quiet and then bring it to the heights of artistic ecstasy.

The renowned guitarist makes you sigh and the leaves you breathless. That’s precisely what happened Tuesday at the Roman Arenas. Besides his magical guitar and the show he has offered both as a musician and a human, the orchestra conducted by George Natsis has led the fairy tale feeling to the extreme. The concert was more that a show of sound, light and color, it was the harmony between classical music and rock and the result of a perfect match between Vai’s artistic spirit and the talent of the young musicians in the EVO orchestra.

Steve Vai, a king of guitar
Steve Vai, with he same overwhelming energy, stating again his passion for music and guitar
Vai has played Velorum, that represented 6 minutes of ongoing spiritual extasy
The Murder, Gentle Ways, Whispering a Prayer, The Attitude Song or I’m Becoming have mixed different sensations, almost transcendental
The Crying Machine and Fire Garden Suite, very expressive creations, with an impressive audio texture, the audience literally devouring every note.
If thunder and lightning have sent some people home, the others wanted to show their love for the remarkable music of Steve Vai, undressing in the rain and getting unleashed with their hands in the air.