The “EVO Premium Experience” is an exclusive and very special opportunity we are offering to our loyal Vai.com visitors. The “EVO Premium Experience” was a huge success on  all the previous  Tours and garnered countless rave reviews from fans. Now we are bringing EVO back for 2016! The package allows you the exciting opportunity to see Steve and the band prepare for a show; along with the ability to ask Steve questions in an intimate group discussion. Availability is VERY limited for each show – so be aware that they will sell quickly once we put them on sale.

For more information and tickets, be sure to check out http://future-beat.com/artist.cfm?id=21439


Q. How do I order packages?

A. Each artist at Future Beat has tour information listed on the artist’s package details page. From our home page please find your artist and click package details. Each tour date will have a BUY link, which will take you directly to the ticketing page for that tour date. From there, you can navigate the ticketing page to find and purchase the VIP Package you are interested in.

Q. What payment methods are accepted?

A. VIP packages are available for online purchase only. All major credit cards are accepted. If you are encountering issues when attempting to make your purchase and you are purchasing from outside of the United States, you may want to contact your financial institution or credit card company for assistance in completing the purchase.

Q. Can I buy packages as a gift for someone else?

A. Absolutely, we have many customers who purchase VIP packages as gifts for family, friends, and business clients. Please make sure to list your guest’s details at purchase under the shipping information or select the “gift for a friend” option if one is available.

Q. How will I receive my tickets?

A. Tickets will be delivered VIA the shipping method you select during your package purchase. Options include: home delivery, electronic delivery (email), and will call. Will Call means that you will pick up your tickets at the venue box office when arrive at the event. If you have already purchased your package and have questions about the delivery of your tickets, please reference the receipt/order confirmation email you received from the ticketing company (i.e. Ticketmaster, LiveNation, AXS, TicketFly, Ticketweb, Etix, etc.) for details.

Q. My package includes exclusive merchandise. How will I receive my package items?

A. VIP package merchandise will be shipped to you. An email, separate from your order confirmation, will be sent after purchase and will include further details on your VIP package merchandise, as well as instructions regarding how to place an order for your package merchandise.

** Please note: Package Items are not required for entry into the event, and are not guaranteed to arrive prior to the date of the show. When your order is shipped out, you will receive an email notification that the order is on its way with shipping information. Be sure to check your spam/junk inbox in case the email is filed there. All correspondence regarding merchandise will sent to the email address you provide when you go through the ordering process.**

On occasion merchandise is distributed at the show. Distribution at the show is usually reserved for one-time events which do not have multiple tour dates. All customers will be notified in advance if merchandise will be delivered at the show.

Q. What shirt sizes are available? Are there Men’s and Women’s sizes?

A. Shirts sizes are normally available in S – XXL. Shirts are unisex adult sized, and run true-to-size.

Q. My package includes VIP activites at the show. When will I receive the details?

A. Details about day of show VIP activities such as meet & greets, shoundcheck, and pre-show or after-show parties will be sent VIA email to the email address you provided when you made the purchase of the package, within 3-5 days prior to show date. This notice will be sent to the email address that you provided when you purchased your VIP package.

Q. How do I sign up for Future Beat VIP package and artist updates?

A. At the top of each page at future-beat.com there is a “sign up now” box. Enter your email address and then click submit. Follow us on facebook and twitter: facebook.com/futurebeatvip and twitter.com/future_beat (@future_beat).

Q. What is an “Upgrade” package?

A. Upgrades are VIP packages made available for fans who have already purchased tickets to a show or event and want to take part in the VIP. Upgrades include the same exclusive items, without a ticket. You will need to purchase a ticket to the show separately from the VIP Upgrade to enter the event as well as participate in any VIP activities.

Q. Can I re-sell my packages?

A. No. VIP packages cannot be transferred or re-sold. Packages being re-sold may be cancelled by Future Beat without notice.

Q. Are there any age restrictions for VIP packages?

A. Most events do not have age restrictions. On occasion an event may be held at a club or casino, in which case the age may be 21+ only. Any age restrictions will be listed in the package details.

Q. My child or guest is a minor. Do I need to buy a VIP package to escort them to the VIP activities?

A. Yes. Guests ages 12 and under will need to be accompanied by an adult. Accompanying adults must also purchase a VIP package in order to chaperone minors to the VIP activities. Guests between the ages of 13-15 may attend the VIP activities without an adult, but, an adult must check the guest in with the VIP host. Only one adult is required to check in all guests.

Q. When do VIP package sales close?

A. Package sales close 14 days prior to show date. However, we also offer Upgrade packages for some events. Upgrade packages are for fans who already purchased a regular ticket but would like to upgrade to the VIP experience.  Upgrades are available until 48 hours prior to show date, in most instances.

Q. How can I contact Future Beat?

A. You may contact customer service at: info@future-beat.com. Please include as much detail as possible including full name, artist, concert date, package level, and your questions or request. You may also follow us on facebook and twitter: facebook.com/futurebeatvip and twitter.com/future_beat (@future_beat).

Does the EVO package get me backstage?

NO. The backstage area is strictly for band and crew only.

Can Steve autograph my guitar, CD etc etc?

Steve is happy to autograph CDs, vinyl, books and guitars, however you are responsible for the items you bring to the venue. We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items. Some venues may not let you bring in large items such as guitars. Check with the venue first! You should only bring a couple of items AT MOST. DO NOT bring your entire collection with you.

Does the EVO Premium Experience package allow me access to the meet and greet after the show?


When will I receive the merchandise in the package?

You will receive the merchandise in the package on the day of the show.

Can I give Steve a copy of my demo CD?

No. While Steve is very supporting of upcoming artists, he cannot accept your demo CDs while he is on tour. It is too much for him to carry on the road, as by the end of most tours he ends up with hundreds of them. Keep them at home as they will only be lost or forgotten on the road.

Can I give Steve a gift?

Many fans like to present Steve with gifts while he is on tour. While Steve is honored and flattered, carrying gifts on tour can become a major problem, and can lead to a lot of extra baggage by the time the tour is over. So that we don’t become overloaded on the road, we would prefer if you did not bring gifts.

If you have further questions, please visit a special thread we have set up on the Vai.com Message Boards. We will endeavor to answer any questions you have there. We will update this page with your questions too. Also note that we reserve the right to amend and adjust these rules at our discretion.

I have another question not mentioned here!

Please take a moment to subscribe to our message board and post your question there. We will answer.