Eindhoven recap & Photos

Hey folks, 
Having the opportunity to perform my music with the Metropole Orchestra on May 13, 2023 in Eindhoven Holland was the stuff life dreams are made of. 
At times I felt enveloped in the elixir of the melodies while being suspended a foot off the ground by the swooning atmosphere the mighty Metropole created. These are the things I envisioned myself doing from the time I was perhaps 9 years old. It’s crazy how it’s all manifested. 
The audience was tremendously supportive the entire evening and made the whole event a peak experience. My deepest appreciation to all those who attended and gave such kind support, and to the “Mighty Met” and all the fine people that worked so hard to make this event a reality. Special shout out to my orchestral partners, the Creative Catalyst Co de Kloet and the great maestro conductor Jukka Iisakkila.
I’m very much looking forward to our next orchestral performance this September in Tampere Finland with the Tampere philharmonic. Stay tuned for details.
Big love to all of you
Steve Vai flying high!
Here are some pictures we took during rehearsals for you to enjoy!