Richard Peikoff

Hey Folks, Steve Vai here. One of my favorite things about being a musician in this grand industry is all the amazing artistic people I have met along the way. I’m constantly being exposed to super talents and some of them completely strike a golden nerve in my soul, and Richard Peikoff is one of them. From the first time I heard his mellifluous acoustic guitar playing, I had that feeling that I had uncovered a treasure. His playing is soulful, inspired and a very warm place to park your heart for a while. And another great pleasure I derive out of this music business is having the opportunity to share these fine finds with others that I feel may resonate within the same heart strings as myself, and Richards music is just that. Please check out this link to his new website and his music, and enjoy!


Extraordinary Families

Extraordinary Families has changed the lives of more than 2,000 children in foster care. Together, for 25 years, we’ve written powerful success stories like this…

Chris and Jordan started their journey to parenthood after 11 years of marriage. Agreeing to foster one child, the universe had other plans for them. After receiving a call about two young boys, Joey and Jonathan, they knew they had enough love to welcome both brothers into their home. While preparing for their adoption a year later, they learned that the boys had a baby sister, Samantha, who also needed care. Surprising even themselves, they immediately said yes to keeping the siblings together. All three now share their “gotcha” day on December 5 when they became a forever family!

“Having children opened up a chamber of our hearts that we never knew existed. We couldn’t imagine our family any other way.”

Chris and Jordan did more than they thought they could when they opened their lives to provide a home for three children in need. Consider doing something unexpected too, and give the gift of home to children like Joey, Jonathan, and Samantha by making a donation to Extraordinary Families.

Our Year-End Campaign goal is simple. We want to provide homes for 200 children and youth in foster care in 2020. To reach this ambitious goal, we ask you to join us and make a contribution today.

Thanks to the generosity of two separate donors who have given a matching gift of $25,000, we have a unique opportunity to have your gift of $25, $50, $100 or more doubled if you give now!

Thank you, and best wishes for joyous holiday season,

Barnaby Muff, Interim CEO




PS – Make your gift by December 31 and it will be matched by two generous donors!

PPS – To make a year-round impact, register Extraordinary Families as your charity of choice when shopping at It’s quick and easy and makes a huge difference!

STEVE VAI: An Earth Dweller’s Return

Very excited to announce “STEVE VAI: An Earth Dweller’s Return” – A solo exhibition of my artwork and custom painted guitars at Fathom in Los Angeles! On view Dec 7 – Jan 4 with a special Artist’s Reception taking place on December 14!


Stillness in Motion Blu-Ray out today

Hey folks,

Today we are releasing the blu-ray version of Stillness in Motion, which has the concert in Blu-Ray, the “Space Between The Notes” tour documentary and the Audio CDs.

The bundle package includes Stillness in Motion Hot Sauce (and there will be a different Hot Sauce for each re-release, so collect them all!), T-Shirt, and pick.

Get them through our Webstore!


I’ve written a comprehensive music theory book for guitar players. It’s called “Vaideology: Basic Music Theory for Guitar Players” and it contains all the basic, and some very advanced, music theory that can stand as a powerful foundation for a lifetime of understanding the language of music. You can purchase it at

Piano Reductions Vol II

Piano Reductions Vol II continues the tradition of inspired solo piano performances of songs from my catalog. This Volume is performed by the truly amazing virtuoso Miho Arai. She has delicately, and at times tremendously aggressively delivered these performances with focus and passion. Enjoy.

Handpainted Guitars…

When I started doodling with art, I decided to paint a few Jem bodies and the colorful guitar I used in the “Dark Mater” video was one of them. 

I’ve painted 4 guitar bodies so far. Two were Ibanez Strat style guitars I did some years ago for the “Experience Hendrix” tour. 

One of them, “Girly”, is used quite a bit on tour these days. It’s tuned down a whole step so I use it on songs like “Gravity Storm”, and “John the Revelator”.  

The other one is “Cherry Blossoms” and was raffled off on the Story of Light tour for charity. Someone won it for a dollar, but we raised about $15k for the “Make A Noise Foundation”.


Also shown below is the guitar used in the Dark Matter video, and another Jem called  “Be With the Note”.