Dear Steve Vai & Band,

Thank you for letting me experience one of the greatest nights in my life. This might come a bit late, that gig I’m talking about was in Hannover, Germany on April 6th and…what can I say…it was amazing. I really stood there with my jaw dropped to the floor and I had tears in my eyes, so beautiful it was. And not only the guitar performances, but also the drum ones were really great. It was truly unbelievable. My boyfriend was with me that night and I watched him several times during the show and I can tell, he was just as caught as I was by your music. You know, he wasn’t really a Steve Vai fan until he saw that show…

Well, as I said, “thank you for the music” and I (or we) hope you’ll come to Germany soon again, or at least tape one of the Ultra Zone gigs and make a video, thanks.




So, here’s my story from the recent Australian Vai tour. I’ll try to keep it brief because I could go on for ages. Basically, being a huge Vai fan, and probably an even bigger Keneally fan, I wanted to make the most of the recent Australian tour. I knew that just one show wasn’t going to be enough for me and so, I decided I’d be a bit crazy and go to all 5 Australian shows (a bit excessive, I know, but it’s not every day that they come to town and I got a package deal which kept the price down a bit). I had 3 months of holidays from university over the summer so I spent this time working my butt off packing shelves at a supermarket to save up the money for the airfares and accomodations. It was definitely worth it! (even though I was totally broke when I returned home).

The first show was in Melbourne. I got to the venue pretty early (as I did for all the gigs) so I could get a spot right up at the front. I was glad I did because while waiting outside for the Melbourne show, Steve came walking down the street (guitar in hand) and invited us earlybirds in to see the soundcheck. I don’t really need to say how fantastic the show was that night (and every other night). Next stop was Sydney (where I’m from) and I got to meet Steve in the morning at a record store signing. I got him to sign two pretty rare items for me — the original “Flex-Able Leftovers” EP (second cover) and my Loch Ness Green Jem777 guitar. I told him I was going to all of the shows, although I’m not too sure if he believed me (which is understandable). I had a MK “Sluggo!” shirt on and we both agreed what a great album that is (cool!). I got to meet Mike before the show that night and he signed all of his CDs for me and was ultra cool. The show in Sydney that night was pretty wild.

Next stop was Brisbane, and then Adelaide where I went to see Mike’s little acoustic concert at a music shop (thanks Jamie). This was the first time I’d ever heard Keneally material live and in person and it was an amazing thrill. Mike was real cool and appreciate of my “commitment” but I still couldn’t help feeling like some sort of crazy stalker or something (“The Wreckage Was Large” comes to mind). Oh well, Mike didn’t seem to care. After the Vai show the next night I got to meet the rest of the band and they were all really nice too.

The next night in Perth I went to Mike’s second acoustic show (thanks Gary). There was a bigger turnout and it was great. Mike answered a bunch of questions and played some Keneally classics. The final Vai show in Perth rocked. The aftershow shindig was pretty relaxed and we got in. Once again, everybody was really nice. We eventually pushed our way through the throng of people crowding Steve and said I’d been to all of the shows. I’m not sure if Steve recognized me or not (Steve obviously sees a lot of faces), but I did have my “Sluggo!” shirt on again. I guess he must have believed me because the next thing I knew, he was taking off his chain necklace and handing it to me! I was shocked and I couldn’t believe he was serious. I mean, how cool is that?! I thanked him repeatedly, got a photo, and that was it. I said bye to Mike, and thus ended one of the most exciting and incredible weeks of my life!

So, to Mike Keneally, Dave, Philip & Mike — thanks for the great shows and for being so cool. And to Steve, thank you so much for your unbelievable generosity and wonderful music.

So there you have it. Feel free to include this in the “Your Letters & Photos” section of the website, that is, if you can take the time to type it up. I would have sent it by e-mail instead of in the post, but I don’t have a scanner for the photos.

Thanks, and all the best —

Jimmy Lardner-Brown


Dear Steve,

I hope to you get to read this. I’ve just got back in from the most amazing show I think I’ve ever been to! You gave us your all tonight, Steve – the atmosphere was so warm, fun and electric, you let me in for the soundcheck, and the new “tea and crumpets” song you recorded is so, well, English. It’s lovely. You played “Tender Surrender”, I cried again. “Windows to the Soul”, oh my God,. Then afterwards I met you. I’ve waited so long for that, and believe it or not it took a lot of courage for me to come up to you. You were so nice to me. Then I asked you to sign the back of my jacket, and you said to me “such a beautiful jacket too”, Well it will be even more beautiful to me now Steve, thank you so much for your music, we all love you so much. I wanted to say that to you at the time, but could just about speak, and I know you will come back and see us. I know you felt the warmth and love we all sent you, we didn’t want you to stop playing for us. Well God bless you Stevie, and it was such a privilege to hear the new song being recorded at the soundcheck. Yes, even all 12 times!! :o)

love to you all,

Chris J.


Well, I just wanted to tell anybody who reads this that Greasy Kid’s Stuff is really cool!!! I really love it, keep up the good work,

Alejandro Salas


Hi there!

Just had the best day of my life on the 10th of March. I went to see Steve in Manchester. I met Steve and he signed some stuff for me. He then asked me to come in and watch the soundcheck… WOW… What a day I had. I spent just over two hours against the stage, taking over 200 photos of him up close & personal. He also played 2 brand new songs, one of which he said represented the United Kingdom. You really are a true gent, Steve, and a genius on all levels. A big thank you to you and your band for all of your kindness and hospitality when you were so busy.

Forever Happy,


Take a look at these excellent pics of Vai playing at the “London Astoria” on the 9/3/00. I took these photos myself. I’m not feeling big-headed but would’nt you say they came out superb? I’m realy suprised because I’m not a camera expert and I’m only 17.

Please feel welcome to publish these on the “Vai Site” for all to see!

All in all the concert was excellent because I got right to the front. But even better than getting to the front was when Steve handed out the body of his guitar to the audience. I was the only person to touch his whammy bar and make some really cool guitar noises…LIVE!!!

Yours faithfully,

Raymond Reilly


Hey Steve,

My friends and I were in Marseille at “Le Moulin” for your second visit to our beautiful town. Just a few lines to thank you for the great show you gave to us. The place was crowded and the concert was OUTSTANDING!! You gave us 3 hours of pure HAPPINESS and lots of good memories… I would like to thank you for playing “Windows to The Soul”, “For The Love Of God” and “Tender Surrender” which made us dream. Thanks again.