You are my inspiration in my art. Look what you have done to me… hehe… this I made for your next album, okay?

With Regard,



Hello, Steve!!!

Here is my picture that was taken in Orvieto (Italy) on 26-03-00. This day was seriously one of the greatest day of my life. I’d like to thank you for that amazing clinic.

I want also thank you for making such great music that inspires me each and every time I pick up my guitar. You are the Master, the only one!!!!

Thanks a million Steve.

Angelo Gramaccioni


It’s a bit dated now, but I finally scanned my Polaroid of us from the Winter 1996 NAMM show. I think I was the only person there with a stinking Polaroid camera. The upside was that I didn’t have to wait to see if the picture would come out. You might remember, I doubt it, but you might. I was the guy with the Polaroid. One of the people helping you there asked to get a picture of you and her with my camera. You were very nice and signed 4 or 5 photos for me to take back for my friends as well. You were very friendly, and had to lean over the counter quite a ways, and grab me and pull me in to get the shot. I remember thinking “WOW Steve Vai is practically hugging me”. Another cool note is that the shirt you have on must be one of your favorites, because it’s on the G3 CD too. I got that CD and told my friends HEY I TOUCHED THAT SHIRT!! Your music does nothing but inspire me. There is a part in “Ultra Zone” when you’re getting all quiet, and playing the small licks in the middle. Then you just grab it and go, the part almost sounds like your fucking your guitar (edit for content if you must here) and not in a nice way :-). Unlike in “Bad Horsie” when it sounds like your doing it nice and slow. Anyway, that’s a rather sick line of thought, but it’s what I picture in that part of the song. I’m a member of that camp that thinks you and Joe Satriani should get together for an album. He was the reason I picked the guitar up in the first place because of “Day at the Beach”. Eddie Van Halen made me keep playing after I realized how hard that stuff is. You, however, put me in total awe. I had Passion & Warfare before I ever started playing. That was mostly because “The Audience is Listening” was a cool song, that anyone could dig. I was also into Zappa. After I discovered the guitar, that album was my favorite. I used to sit in the dark and listen to “For Love of God” and try to see and feel the music. “Sisters” was the first one off of that album I was able to play and make it recognizable. I’ve babbled on enough. I hope to see this pic and letter on your site!

Warm Regards,
Stacey Lee


Dear Steve,

I have been to many concerts since1968, some impressed me more, some less. Your concert in Vienna last week was one of the best – if not the best of all – I have ever been.

This surprised me even more because I expected to hear music which I like but is sometimes hard to listen.

The impression of you and your band members was much better than on CD – the music went deeper in me than on CD.

Maybe it was the strong personal impact of you and your band members that let me feel your music better. Maybe the sound mixing – especially on FEVER DREAM – suits me better than on CD.

Also all my friends enjoyed your concert very much, all of them felt that your concert was really great! (One of my friends had no idea of your music before) I travelled 700 km to see you and it was worth it!!!

Please Steve is it possible to play not so loud? Only a little bit less would help much. I am 46 years old, my ears are already a little bit damaged (The Who or ELP or Led Zeppelin or maybe motorbike-racing, I don’t know). During rock concerts I used to take earplugs, but I cannot do this when I hear your music. I take the risk (as my doctor says) of having ringing sound in my ears after such a concert. It isn’t wise I know but you (your sound engineer) are playing too loud.

Sorry for my bad english.

I wish you all the very best from my heart and that all your dreams come true!

Kind regards,



Dear Steve,

I’ve just returned from the show at Ancienne, Belgique (6/3/2000). For me, this evening has been wonderful – at times an enlightening experience. I have loved your music for the last 10 years and I admire the integrity and intensity you give at all times. Tonight you had a few technical problems – notably in “Angel Food” (that damn lead) and “Fever Dream” (well if it ain’t the lead again). Still, we all got through it and thanks for perservering – especially as “Fever Dream” is one of my personal favorites of The Ultra Zone. It’s difficult to describe the emotion of finally seeing you strut your stuff after listening to you for all these years, but there were a few defining moments tonight that summed it all up – the crowd towards the end of “Tender Surrender” (‘You know how to make an American boy feel proud’), my tears during “For The Love Of God” (I just couldn’t believe I was really watching you play it) and your dive into the crowd at the end. I wanted to bring my ‘Flo’ JEM for you to sign, but I’m walking with a crutch at the moment (you may have seen me waving it about near the front on your left) and that pretty much ruled it out, but nevertheless that doesn’t spoil anything – maybe next time. Thanks for a great evening, inspiration and for touching my life in such a delightful way.

David A Baird


Hi Steve,

Firstly I’d like to thank you for the wonderful show you & your band put on in Wolverhampton, England on the 12th March. It’s the third time I’ve seen you through the years and your genius astounds me. Also thank you for spending time with myself and my girlfriend, she is now a confirmed fan. I’ve been telling her how good you are for years but I guess she needed to experience you with her own eyes and ears. I still can’t believe that I finally got to meet you. I’ve met most of my heroes over the years as I’m an autograph collector/dealer and its very rare that when I meet a celeb that I get a real high now, in fact most are a disappointment. Well, my head has been in the clouds for the last week – you’re a true gentleman and an example to us all, may you have health and happiness for many long years. Please come back to the UK SOON!!!

I’ve attached a couple of photo that I had taken with you.

John Hodges


Hey Steve!!!

I just got back around two hours ago from the incredible performance you put on in Manchester Apollo. I have been playing my axe since I got back but I had to stop because of the ungodly hour. Anyway, all I want to say is that the show tonight had me lost for words. It was more an adventure than a concert, and the memory of that will be with me forever (I can now imagine how those who saw Jimi at Woodstock must have felt). And Steve, the way you described ‘Voodoo Acid’ within the song, well it was amazing. I can’t think of words that can express how I feel. I am on an incredible high and I’m never going to put my guitar down again.

Thank you so much.

Chris Booth