SF Media, Australia Interview

Steve Vai interview questions for SF Media, Australia


I want to start by talking about your latest album, ‘The Story Of Light’.  This is your first release since your 2005 album, ‘Real Illusions: Reflections’. Did it take the seven years to write and record this album or was it a concentrated effort over a specific period of time?

S- Thanks for the interview.

After I released “Real Illusions Reflections” I did a year long solo tour, after that I also did [ … Read More ]

May The Rock Be With You (Australia) Interview

Steve Vai interview, for ‘May the Rock be with You’ website, Australia


Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us today, Steve.

S- No worries, Thank you.

Now, you’re heading back to Australia for your own headline shows, your first in a while here, are you pumped to be able to come back and share your music with us again in your own shows?

S- Very much so! I have been to Ausi with Dweezil and G3 etc. but nothing [ … Read More ]

Sunday Star Times, New Zealand Interview

Sunday Star Times, New Zealand

The Sunday Star Times ‘Soundtrack of my life’ feature.


Could we ask Steve to write about his favourite album(s) or piece(s) of music and why?


The following is a recent example as a guide.



Sean Moore, drums/ trumpet with Welsh rock band, Manic Street Preachers:


“Like a lot of kids growing up in the Welsh valleys, I guess my first exposure to music was leafing through my dad’s records, looking for interesting bits. In my case, I found The [ … Read More ]

The AU Review (Australia) Interview


For ‘The AU Review’ website, Australia


  • Thanks for your time Steve – I understand you’re currently on tour, how is everything going?

S- Yes, I’m on tour with the Evolution Orchestra. It’s a 50 piece orchestra and a rock band and we are performing pieces from my Sound Theories CD which is basically a hand full of tracks from my catalogue that I orchestrated. It’s sounds quite powerful and feels amazing to play with such a force behind me. On [ … Read More ]

Metal Forge, Australia Interview

3 June 2013 – Steve Vai Interview Questions, for Metal Forge website, Australia


You’re regarded by many as one of the all time masters of guitar.  I’m sure there were (and still are) countless hours of practise and rehearsal, but at an early age, learning from the legendary Joe Satriani, did guitar seem to come naturally or did you really have to work hard to develop your talent to the point where it matched your desire to play?

S-Thank you,

Music came [ … Read More ]

Tone Deaf Website Interview (Australia)

Tone Deaf website, Australia

Hi Steve, what an honour to be able to converse with one of today’s true guitar heroes. When you were a young adult who would have loved to be able to talk about music with?

When I was a young adult, 20-21 years old, I was working with Frank Zappa and talking with him a lot about music. He was the one I always hoped to talk about music with and there I was working [ … Read More ]

Steve Vai Interview 2013


1)    Which of your songs best portrays you?

S- The next one.


2)    Who do you most like of the new music generation?

S-  My two boys, Julian and Fire, and their generation of friends are pretty cool too.


3)    Your most memorable concert?

S-  In 5th grade I was in the choir and there was a Christmas concert where I was given the lead solo part to sing. I remember as if it was closer to me than my own [ … Read More ]