The Voice, Perth Community Interview (2013)

The Voice, Perth community newspaper



– Some virtuoso musicians have so much technical ability they can lose the

audience in a flurry of notes, but you and Joe Satriani consistently

beguile and captivate your audience. What’s the secret? Is melody king?

S- Thanks, not entirely sure what the “secret” is but the things that both Joe and I share are our deep passion for the guitar and the music that we hear in our heads. We are also very confident in what we do [ … Read More ]

New Yooxer Interview (2013)


1)    Which of your songs best portrays you?

S- The next one.


2)    Who do you most like of the new music generation?

S-  My two boys, Julian and Fire, and their generation of friends are pretty cool too.


3)    Your most memorable concert?

S-  In 5th grade I was in the choir and there was a Christmas concert where I was given the lead solo part to sing. I remember as if it was closer to me than my own [ … Read More ]

Canberra Times Q&A 2013

Q&A for The Canberra Times newspaper, Canberra




1. The Real Illusions trilogy: why have you decided to take a three-stage approach in creating this body of work?

S- It’s actually a Quadriology and will eventually be in 4 stages.

The first stage was “Real Illusions” The Second stage is “The Story of Light” and the third will come at some time in the future (perhaps) and then my plan is to bring them all together at the end, put all the songs [ … Read More ]

Scene Magazine Q&A

Q&A for Scene Magazine, Brisbane




What was the defining moment that made you want to learn guitar?

S- I was 5 years old and this kid that was perhaps 8 came to school with an electric guitar and was strumming and playing it. I was stunned, had an epiphany and immediately fell madly in love with the instrument. But I was shy and never thought I would be any good and was perhaps afraid of being criticized or didn’t think I was [ … Read More ]

Interview for Italian Press 2013

First of all thank you very much for agreeing this interview…

S- Piacere e mio.


You’re on a very strict schedule this summer, divided by the Steve Vai & Evolution Tempo Orchestra tour, Master Classes and The Story of Light Tour 2013… where is your effort towards from here?

S- After the Evolution orchestra tour I kick off a rock band tour of Australia and New Zealand, from there I go to Jakarta, Shanghei China, Beigjing China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Bangkok. Then I’m [ … Read More ]

BMA Magazine, Australia, Interview

BMA Magazine, Canberra, Australia: Steve Vai interview questions, by Chris Downton



It’s only been just over a year since you last toured as part of the G3 line-up. Is Australia a place that you particularly enjoy touring / visiting?

S- I always get excited to tour in Australia. There is a very different atmosphere there than the rest of the world. I’ve said this in the press many times before but the Australians are the nicest people in the world. They are… [ … Read More ]

Dominion Post, Wellington, New Zealand Interview

Dominion Post, Wellington, New Zealand



What first attracted you to playing guitar?

S- The moment I first saw someone playing it I was 5 years old and they were perhaps 8. The way it looked and hung on the body, the sound that came out of it when it was hit hard or soft were some of the things that enraptured me but mostly I immediately was instinctively aware of the infinite nature of the instrument.


What are your strongest memories of [ … Read More ]