The Enduring Passion of Steve Vai + Song Premiere – “Dark Matter”

Here’s Steve’s brand new track, “Dark Matter” from the upcoming release of “Modern Primitive” that was featured in Steve’s in-depth interview onNoisey yesterday! http://noisey.vice.com/blog/steve-vai-interview-2016

Generation Axe: Fox News Interview

Check out this interview on Fox News with Steve and Nuno Bettencourt, where they discuss the Generation Axe tour.

Eddie Trunk Interview Podcast with Vai about T-Mac Benefit

Eddie Trunk interviews Steve Vai about this Saturday’s A Benefit Concert for Tony MacAlpine, at The Wiltern in Los Angeles.

Tickets are selling fast! http://livemu.sc/1Ma3x6u

There are also  a limited amount of tickets available at a special rate through GoldStar: http://bit.ly/1NEUsEM and Groupon: http://gr.pn/1M1P4WL

GuitarMania.eu interview with Steve in Vienna

GuitarMania is an online fanzine for guitarists and bass players. The fanzine is based in Vienna, Austria, and focuses on national and international musicians of all genres. They recently filmed an interview with Steve while he was in Vienna. You can visit GuitarMania at www.guitarmania.eu and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/guitarmania

Levante Interview (2013)


In these days we don’t have young and new guitarrists able to innovate like you, Zappa and Satriani did.  Why is that?

S- I suspect there are very many innovative guitarists these days but you usually don’t hear about them. In any era there will always be people who are pushing the limits that have been previously set. Sometime it takes time.


But having said that, the kind of evolution that I like to see on the instrument has not happened [ … Read More ]

Jazz Voyeur Mallorca Interview


Entrevista Steve Vai- Diario Última Hora

Have you been before in Mallorca?

S- Yes, I played a rock festival some years ago.


Why do you choose our island to play?

S- I have been on tour in support of “The Story of Light” for over a year and have already done a run through Europe. But I feel the band and myself are in top form. The reviews from the tour are so overwhelmingly good, and I feel that I’m playing and performing [ … Read More ]

Italia Q&A (2013)

1) What would you say about the particular sound of the new album?

S- The music is very diverse without being genre specific. It has some of my most tasteful guitar playing. I focused very much on phrasing and finding delicate ways of playing that I have never touched before. There are some very beautiful compositional intensities such as Velorum and “The Story of Light” and “Weeping China Doll” Where I used the 7 string to create mountains and walls of [ … Read More ]