April 30, 1999

Hi folks,

It’s your favorite beekeeper again. Today was a beautiful day for honey extraction. I’ve been pulling surplus honey off of the hives for about five weeks now, and it was finally time to download the golden stuff into bottles. My friend Marty Schwartz came by and Marty, my mom and I had a honey party. I’ve never seen so much honey, this was the biggest load ever. About 450 pounds of the sticky stuff. It took nearly two days [ … Read More ]

July 10, 1998

So many people have been asking how my bees are doing. Well, they’re jammin’ in a big way. I think when I left off here, we had 4 hives. We still have 4, but there has been major bee action around here since then.

Let me backtrack a bit… You know that Simon and Dave are “The Bee Men”. The second swarm that Simon brought over will be called Hive # 2. They are jammin’ and doing great. The swarm in [ … Read More ]

April 11, 1998

I’m occasionally asked if I have a hobby. It’s hard to say because as my interests change, so do the toys. I am usually totally absorbed in music too but you’re gonna love this, and this is true.

I’ve always loved bees. When I was young (6-8 years old) I was head of the “Bee Catchers Club”. They’re really amazing little creatures and I was always fascinated with the idea of having a colony of them.

When I was living in Hollywood, [ … Read More ]