Answers 58

Does Steve ever pop into the chat room on his site?
– Jon Warden

Yes, both Steve & Rich visit the chat room on vai.com from time to time. (Steve uses the name SSV, Rich usually uses rpike)

Answers 57

I know this is old news, but whatever happened to the novel that Steve planned to write in conjunction with “Passion and Warfare”?
– Jason Middleton

Steve got about halfway done with it while on tour with Whitesnake in 1990, but we all know how insanely busy Steve keeps himself, so the book eventually was put on the shelf while he toured with Whitesnake, produced Bad4Good, and wrote & recorded ‘Sex & Religion’. Much of the P&W novel actually went on [ … Read More ]

Answers 56

I would like more information about the Make A Noise Foundation. I play guitar and wanted to go to MIT [school] but can’t afford to move, much less go to school. I’m teaching myself without much progress.
– Steven Stanford

Information about the Make A Noise Foundation can be found HERE. The nonprofit charitable organization was started by Steve Vai & Richard Pike, and while still in the very early developmental stages, should be up and running very soon. Our [ … Read More ]

Answers 55

I need to know if Steve won the Grammy Award for his performance of “For The Love Of God” on the G3 CD….and the answer has got to be yes, because any other is unacceptable to this die-hard fan of the master…peace,
– Jan

The award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance was given to The Chemical Brothers. Other nominees included Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson and Robben Ford. Steve won the Best Rock Instrumental Performance in 1994 for “Sofa”, from Zappa’s Universe. [ … Read More ]

Answers 54

Will Steve be coming to Australia on the third G3 tour?
– Mann Family

As far as we know, there are no plans yet for an Australian G3 tour. The most recent G3 Tour (2001) featured Steve, Jon Petrucci and Joe Satriani. You can check out photos here.

Answers 53

For which movie did Steve record the song “Amazing Grace”? Any other singles on soundtracks? As a proud student of Vaiology, I thank you for the years of inspiration and beg you for more!

– Cj

“Amazing Grace” appears on the “DUDES” original motion picture soundtrack, which was released on MCA Records in the mid 80’s and is now out of print. The song also appears in the movie, albeit a very edited version. Other songs that appeared only on soundtracks include [ … Read More ]

Answers 52

I want to order the ‘Alien Love Secrets’ video and a subscription to Greasy Kid’s Stuff, but I don’t want to order online. Can I have a mailing address I can use? Thank you very much.
Brenda Schemmel

All merchandise orders from this site are secure and in fact safer than a credit card transaction done in a department store. Many people don’t realize that every time they swipe their card at a gas station or a store, the info is [ … Read More ]