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What is Devin Townsend doing currently? Has he been releasing anything lately? What is his band called? I’ve searched the whole web but didn’t find anything.
Frank Plein

Devin may be among the most prolific and most talented human beings stomping around on our planet today. A website with info about his various bands including Strapping Young Lad and Ocean Machine is located at

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I really want to get the pickups Steve uses, but buying the whole guitar is over my budget, so I’m wondering where I can find and order the DiMarzio Evolution pickups to customize my own guitar. Can you order them separately, and from where? Also, how much would they cost me?
Frank Pennington

Steve uses the Evolution pickups in some guitars (including Evo), DiMarzio’s new BREED pickups in other guitars, and DiMarzio PAF Pros in some older Jems (on which the PAF Pros came stock). For info on these and all other DiMarzio pickups, go to their site at

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My husband is looking for the tablature of the song Steve played in the movie ‘Crossroads’. Any idea where I could find it?
Gloria Martinez

The only magazine we know of that featured the complete transcription is the April ‘89 issue of ‘Guitar School’. It’s been out of print almost since publication, but back issues can sometimes be found at various online auctions like ebay, or try posting on our message board!

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Why is it so hard to find American-made Jems, particularly the burnt stained blue finish or the natural wood finish?
Andy, Sherman Oaks CA

The 7BSB, which is the stained blue Jem you mention, is available from any authorized Ibanez dealer and is a regularly available Jem. There is no Jem with a natural wood finish, but you’re probably thinking of Steve’s ‘Bad Horsie’ guitar, which is a custom guitar built specially for Steve. (If you’d like to check out the Ibanez site, click here).

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I have a guitar question for anyone who can answer it. Is there such thing as a seven string Ibanez Jem on the market? I’ve been wanting to buy a new guitar and I’ve been looking for one like this for a long time. Thanx for your time!

Ibanez makes and sells the Ibanez Universe series of guitars, which are 7-string electrics designed by Steve and based on the idea of a 7-string Jem (the Jem guitars were also Vai-designed). Go to the Ibanez web site for more info, or check our list of Fan Sites for several sites devoted to the Universe guitars!

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I heard that Steve used to give guitar lessons. Is that true? If it is, does he still do so?
Ben J.

Steve did indeed give guitar lessons to students years ago. Steve gave lessons while living in Long Island, in Boston, and after he moved to Los Angeles. Soon after moving to Los Angeles, however, his career really started taking off and he no longer had the time to dedicate to teaching. He no longer gives guitar lessons.

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Does anyone know how I can get the “Shankar/Caroline – The Epidemics” in the USA? I have been looking for this CD for five years and would appreciate any help in locating a copy.
– Surge

The record has been out of print for several years now. Copies can sometimes be found in better rare records shops or collector magazines such as Discoveries, and of course, there’s always Ebay!