A Note From Steve...

Happy Birthday Thomas!

In June of 1980 I had just turned 20 years old and the next day moved to Los Angeles from New York, I found myself in the Zappa’s studio surrounded by these musical giants I had studied for some years. It all felt surreal. Every member of the crew seemed godlike. But there was one crew…> Read More

Richard Peikoff

Hey Folks, Steve Vai here. One of my favorite things about being a musician in this grand industry is all the amazing artistic people I have met along the way. I’m constantly being exposed to super talents and some of them completely strike a golden nerve in my soul, and Richard Peikoff is one of them. From…> Read More

STEVE VAI: An Earth Dweller’s Return

Very excited to announce “STEVE VAI: An Earth Dweller’s Return” – A solo exhibition of my artwork and custom painted guitars at Fathom in Los Angeles! On view Dec 7 – Jan 4 with a special Artist’s Reception taking place on December 14! http://bit.ly/stevevaigalleryshow  

Pledge Music

Hey Folks, Steve here… I just wanted to let you all know that in regards to the Gen Axe PledgeMusic campaign, Gen Axe management has been working to acquire and verify records detailing who ordered what, what has been fulfilled to date and what still needs to be fulfilled for the Gen Axe and Jamathon…> Read More

Recording update 3.3.19

Working on a new riffing concept I call “joint shifting” for a song that has a working title called “Candle Power” (the name will probably change). This is where various notes on various frets are stretched while other notes in the chord are held. It requires a whole new set of brain and finger muscles…> Read More

Update March 27

I’ve been thinking about these records for quite some time. I enjoy creating parameters to work within at times and for these records I decided to only use a trio with no guitar overdubbing, meaning that all guitar takes would consist of one guitar. But I also wanted to experiment with looping in ways that…> Read More

Recording update..

Just trying to chip away at the guitar parts. Very many distractions.   Candle Power/My Name is Mud