My Roland SDE 3000’s

Hey folks, 

In 1985 the Roland company came out with the finest digital delays I believe have ever been made, the SDE 3000. I was 24 at the time and saved to purchase two of them. 

This was literally my full rig, with the exception of a few stomp boxes. I came out of the send in the back of the amp and went into the first SDE 3000 and used it mainly [ … Read More ]

Evo Gallery

To Lisa Johnson and 108 Rock Star Guitars,

Thanks so much for these wonderful photos of EVO and for this very kind interview. You Rock… click!


Happy Holidays!!


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Vai Academy

Hey Folks, Steve Vai here,

I just returned from the “Vai Academy Song Evolution Camp” and I have to say that it was an exceptional 4 days that blew apart any expectations I could have had for it.

As I write this It’s the morning after and I’m gazing out of a little airplane window while flying above the clouds and basking in that exquisite satisfaction that can only be derived from the [ … Read More ]

Update from the hive

Hey folks,
Many of you know that I’m a hobby bee keeper. It’s a simple and very rewarding hobby. The bees do all the work! Whenever I am working with the bees it’s a closeness to nature that is rejuvenating and inspiring.
Many of you may know about the rapid decline of honeybees but may not know of the potential impact it can have on our economy and quality of life. Below is [ … Read More ]

End of the Story of Light Tour

Hello dear ones.

To say that this last tour was a powerful life experience would be like saying the sun is hot. Since we kicked off the Story of Light tour, between shows, Master classes, orchestra concerts etc, in support of this record we have performed 226 engagements. That’s a lot of notes.

I made this tour exceptionally long because I wanted to spend a lot of time on stage with the band and use it [ … Read More ]

The Crew & Band at the last show.

Great photo from Brat of the band and Ukrainian crew.
This was at the last full show on the Story of Light tour.


1. Jeremy Colson
2. Brat Vukovich
3. Fire Vai
4. Dave Weiner
5. Thomas Nordegg
6. Maksym Nabokov
7. Ievgen Pylypenko
8. Steve Vai
9. Denys Lev
10. Philip Bynoe
11. Dmytro Nuzhnyi
12. Erland [ … Read More ]