A Note From Steve...


Well here it is folks. The new and improved Vai site. Just lettin’ you know that we are on the cutting edge and in your head. Hope you have a kick with it and get lost for hours.

February 17, 1997

Hey folks We are on a plane right now on our way to Seoul, Korea. We just finished the Down Under leg (Australia and New Zealand) and it was so much more than I even expected. Every show was jammed, with enthusiastic supporters (unfortunately many were turned away). I just didn’t expect it. They really…> Read More

February 09, 1997

Hey folks, I’m in Adelaide Australia right now. The rest of Malaysia went real well. The promoters were not sure how much of an audience I had there so they put me in Hard Rock Cafes. The audience was face to face with the stage. We asked the officials if they had proper security and…> Read More

February 02, 1997

Hey folks, We’re in Kuala Lumpur right now. Pretty wild place with some very serious rules. I can’t take my shirt off onstage or use any offensive language, and when I do press for national TV, I have to tie my hair back. When you arrive on the plane, it says right on the disembarkation…> Read More