“The Middle of Everywhere”

For over a year, I have been composing a very intricate composition called “The Middle of Everywhere.” Its as beautiful as it is bizarre. How unlike me. Periodically, I would record myself with a webcam or whatever device was nearby to capture ideas which I would later notate, usually by hand. I worked on this composition in places all over the world. I invite you to check out the process as this beautiful music unfolded in front of me. I am looking forward to hearing the pieces performed by the North Netherlands Orchestra in Groningen on November 17 and November 19th in Drachten. See you there. -s

“G3 2012” Australia/New Zealand Tour Dates Announced

Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Steve Lukather are very excited to announce they will be touring in Australia and New Zealand early next year as G3: 2012! Click Here are the tourdates and links to purchase tickets: Vai.com Tourdates

“G3 2012” at The Byron Bay Blues Festival

Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Steve Lukather (appearing as G3: 2012) will be performing at “The Byron Bay Blues Festival” on April 6th, 2012 in Australia! For more info and tickets please visit http://www.bluesfest.com.au/

Limited Edition “Universe” Skateboard Decks

Due to time constraints at each Alien Guitar Secret Masterlcass in Australia, Steve was sometimes unable to sign items for fans. Thump Music has created four limited edition “Universe” skateboard decks signed by Steve. Proceeds will go to the Make a Noise Foundation. Click this link to view the auction: http://bit.ly/universeskatedeck


Australia Masterclass Tour

There are just a handful of tickets left for each of the cities in Steve’s Australia Masterclass Clinic Tour in October. To purchase a seat for this enlightening class, visit ThumpMusic.com.au


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Steve Vai Guitar Techniques Course through Berkleemusic.com – Sept 26th Registration

Berkleemusic has added two new Steve Vai tutorials from his online course “Steve Vai Guitar Techniques.” Take a look at the videos here. The next term for Steve Vai’s course begins this Monday, September 26th!


Steve featured on new NTR show: Co de Kloet’s “CoLive!”

Dutch radio personality, journalist and composer Co de Kloet is hosting a brand new NTR  show called CoLive!, every Sunday Nite at Radio 6 from 20.00 till 01.00 PM Dutch Time.

To commemorate the day Jimi Hendrix died (September 18th), Co will play (among other songs) these selections featuring Steve:

  • G3- Little WingSteve Vai/Metropole Orchestra- For The Love Of God (to celebrate more than 10 million views on YouTube)
  • G3- Red House
  • Not to mention the Steve Vai CoLive! Station Calls.

You can hear the show worldwide by visiting http://colive.radio6.nl/

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Get tickets now: www.vai.com/tourdates ... See MoreSee Less
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Jason Becker was at the forefront of the original shred movement back in the late 80’s. His playing style was visceral and commanding and he was a focused figure in ushering in the rock virtuoso guitar movement. As many of you know, while reaching for (and embracing) the stars, Jason was diagnosed with ALS in 1989, right at the time he was replacing me in the David Lee Roth Band. He was able to finish his excellent guitar work on Roth’s “A Little Ain’t Enough” album before the ALS debilitated him. Even after this affliction started to rob him of his ability to play, to walk, and eventually to speak, he and his uncompromisingly supportive father developed a system of communication using Jason’s eye movements. In spite of all this, Jason continued composing with the use of a music-composing computer program that reads movements of his head and eyes. Since then, Jason has gone on releasing records such as Perspective, Raspberry Jams, Blackberry Jams, Warmth in the Wilderness I, and Warmth in the Wilderness II. Jason Becker is perhaps our most shining example in the entire musical sphere of the human spirit against unthinkable challenges. He continues to innovate and inspire in meaningful ways. Some time ago I was approached by Nita Strauss to contribute some playing to this wonderful track with so many others, to support Jason’s “Jason Becker Special Needs Trust”. Please consider following this link and making a much needed donation to this trust to help Jason and his family at their time of need.jasonbecker.com ... See MoreSee Less
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We wrapped up our glorious 27 year G3 anniversary tour this weekend in LA. The whole tour was an exceptional life experience. Being on the road with this entourage was like touring in a warm float tank. It was a pleasure beyond measure. Eric Johnson and Joe Satriani never cease to amaze and inspire me with their brilliance and innovation. And to feel them on stage every night trading riffs in our jams was uplifting and exhilarating! On top of all that, they are solid good people and cherished friends.Big time thanks to our crew and management that worked so hard to make it the exceptional experience that it was, and to all the folks that came to enjoy the shows. Your support is humbling🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼Group Photo: Jen RosensteinAll Other Photos: Chris Huber ... See MoreSee Less
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The drummers of G3 by Jeremy Colson ... See MoreSee Less
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