April 10, 2007:

Last night I finished the 5.1 mixes and was finally able to start thinking about playing the guitar again. I took to my private little guitar room in the Harmony Hut and started to just play. After floating for about 15 minutes I had the realization that I had made a mistake with the 5.1 mixes. While importing session data from other sessions and pasting them into the 5.1 auxiliary tracks, I realized that certain information did not transfer and the mixes were thrown off so I have to go back and re-do all the 5.1 mixes. It felt as though I was hit by a train right in the middle of the light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m cursed with this need to do things systematically and immediately realized I could not concentrate on playing until the mixes were done. I lost about 2 days, ouch!

OH well, I guess if the pressure wasn’t excruciating then I wouldn’t feel normal, ha.

Going back under.