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I want to order the ‘Alien Love Secrets’ video and a subscription to Greasy Kid’s Stuff, but I don’t want to order online. Can I have a mailing address I can use? Thank you very much.
Brenda Schemmel

All merchandise orders from this site are secure and in fact safer than a credit card transaction done in a department store. Many people don’t realize that every time they swipe their card at a gas station or a store, the info is sent via modem to another terminal which processes the transaction anyway. Ordering via this site, basically the same thing happens, but there’s no paper trail that can get into the wrong hands and it’s quicker. However, our mailing addresses are:

For merchandise:

Light Without Heat Merchandise
PO Box 251725
Los Angeles, CA 90025

For Greasy Kid’s Stuff (the newsletter):

Greasy Kid’s Stuff
PO Box 360965
Los Angeles, CA 90036-1465

Please remember to include any applicable shipping & handling charges, and 8.25% sales tax if you live in California, for merch orders. Any questions, or and we’ll reply as quickly as we can. If you’re writing about an order you’ve placed, please provide the order number and your full address in your e-mail, thanks!