Answers 49

Could you tell me a little about the Buzz Feiten Tuning system? Is this a mod that a mere mortal can perform on his/her own guitar? Thanks
– Kelly Schrock

Steve replies:

“Buzz Feiten is not a mere mortal so I wouldn’t suggest you try to do it on your guitar. He has spent 3 years perfecting his system. It really works too. I believe it works from the principal that the guitar is a screwed up instrument when it comes to the way the frets were traditionaly spaced in conjunction with the way it’s tuned. A crude, and I mean crude, explanation would be that he changes the scale length slightly and by re-intonating the guitar, not perfectly mind you, but by some formula he has determined works, the guitar is then tuned with a special tuner that is slightly unconventional in its readings. All this allows you to play around the neck while having the notes vibrate with each other in more of a “tuned” way. You should really ask him though. He wrote the secret sauce. I’m just a mere mortal… I think.”