Answers 44


In the beginning of the guitar duel in the movie “Crossroads”, Steve plays something that any Vai fan can’t miss! He plays the beginning of ‘Bad Horsie’. I know I’m not mistaken that the song is ‘Bad Horsie’, but I was wondering if it was ‘Bad Horsie’ then. “Crossroads” came out in 1986, and Alien Love Secrets came out in 1995. Did Steve write ‘Bad Horsie’ in ’86, or did the piece in the movie inspire him to write it in ’95?
– Dane Runyon

Steve replies:

“The song ‘Bad Horsie’ was actually writen around the riff from ‘Crossroads’. The script called for a guitar riff that sounded like a locomotive going by. I remember the director Walter Hll walked in and heard the riff and said, ‘Wow, how can anyone beat that, the duel is over before it began’ :).”