Answers 39

I have got to be Steve’s biggest fan. Is it remotely possible that an unknown guitarist such as myself would ever have the “dream come true” chance to jam with Steve?
D. Ace McCloud

Yes. Steve’s Make A Noise Foundation, a nonprofit charity organization founded by Steve Vai & Rich Pike, hopes to do a jam show (no details yet, we’ll post them when we have them, but it will be a while) during which fans who donate musical instruments or other donations to the MANF can get a chance to jam with Steve onstage. There would be other celebrity guests at these jams as well. We hope to do one in Los Angeles to start, and who knows, maybe even a small tour of similar shows in other major cities. Nothing has been carved in stone yet though, so keep checking the Make A Noise Foundation section of for info. If you’d like to send a donation (monetary or otherwise) to the MANF, please send it to:

PO Box 360528
Los Angeles CA
90036-1092 USA.