Answers 37

Hi there, my name is Shahriman Aziz, an I’m a Vai fan from Malaysia. I have a few questions I’d like to ask… Is Steve Vai going to visit Malaysia again sometime in the future? I read in the official homepage that “Sex and Religion” is banned in my country. Why? (Anyway, I have the CD…)
– Shahriman Aziz

We played in Malaysia in January 1997 and LOVED it there. It’s a beautiful country and we can’t wait to play there again. Steve is expected to tour again this summer, and Malaysia is one of many places we hope to visit again. There are no tour dates or anything yet though, but when we have some they will be posted on this site. Regarding S&R being banned there, it’s news to us, but some countries have strict guidelines about objectionable content, and perhaps some of the references to human sexuality and also to religion might have been censored by officials there. It’s obviously not something we’re happy about, but those are the things you deal with when you live on a planet as diverse as ours.