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Can you tell me if the composition that Steve plays at the end of the “Alien Love Secrets” video has a name? I would be very interested in knowing what it is called. Thanks!
– Jason Allman

We actually get this question a lot, especially since the ALS DVD was released. Truth is, Steve doesn’t remember what he named it — it’s a single take improvised over the credits.

I’m interested in the “Alien Love Secrets” video but could you explain the differences between the two formats? Respectfully,
– Troy Johnson

Basically, there are two main video formats in the world of home video, NTSC and PAL. People living in North America and Japan use NTSC, while people in Europe, South America, Australia and some other countries use PAL. Unless your player can play both formats (many newer PAL VCRs will play NTSC, but not the other way around), you’ll want to make sure you order the right format. Just to be safe, call a local video store and ask them what format is standard in your region. Visit Merchandise to get a copy.