Answers 27

Dear Steve, I just purchased “Flex-Able Leftovers,” and I love it. In terms of the “new” old material, I’m curious what was done when. Clearly, the vocals for “#$%^ Yourself” were recorded recently. Are any of the tracks in that song from the original recording? What’s the breakdown of new vs. old in the other unreleased tracks?
– J.D. (your #14,378 fan)

“The extra songs on Leftovers were done at various times. “Fuck Yourself” was written in 1980 but the recording was so poor that I re-recorded it and changed a few of the lines to make more sense with present-day Earth. “Massacre” was recorded recently too. It was an experiment with a piece of gear that I was trying out. “Natural Born Boy” was written some time ago and the track was recorded about 5 years ago but the guitar was done about a year ago. “San Sebastian”was written while I was in San Sebastian, Spain and recorded about 13 years ago “The X-Equilibrium Dance” was written and recorded at about the same time as the Leftovers stuff around 1982.”