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Hey Steve, I am Joni Visuri from Finland and I heard that you have a Jackson Soloist. I have a Soloist too and it is THE BEST GUITAR ever. Now I don’t understand why you are playing with Jems — I am not saying that it sucks but really, an all-access neck is not really a match for neck-thru or lo-pro Edge for original Floyd Rose.
(no name given)

“Well, I don’t know, Joni. I had three Soloists and the neck broke on every one. They just don’t feel half as nice to me as my Jem does. Understand that I played the Soloist when Ibanez was but a gleam in my eye. I bulit the Jem around my playing style so it fits very well. I’m sure the Jackson is still a nice guitar, it’s just a matter of preference.”

P.S If God had a song it would be Juice.

“That’s funny, I thought it was only good for snowboarders, what do I know.”

P.S P.S if you answer me i will buy all your records.

“Off you go now…
$teve Vai”