Answers 14

Answers #06:

Dear Steve, I noticed in your first 2 albums you gave a lot of credit to God. Being a Christian myself, I really admired that, but in the song “Fuck Yourself” you say “the Lord will be fucking….” Steve, I laughed so hard at that song but that line seriously offended me. At St. Andrews Hall in Detroit during “For the Love of God” you looked up said ‘thank you’, to God I presume… I just want you to know I think you’re the greatest guitarist ever to walk the earth, I just wish you would respect God a little more because He gave you the gift.
– Sirfrums

“Sorry, I did not mean to offend you. That particular line in the song is aimed at people who use religion as a means of personal and monetary gain.” The actual line reads “fuck yourself with organized religion, now that is some seriously sinnin’ business, if the Lord sees their pathetic crimes, He’ll be fuckin’ them ’til the end of time”. Fear not, however, if that doesn’t offend you there are a hundred other things in there that will. :)”