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Hi there Vai!
My name is Magnus Rubach Wendt, I’m a 17 years old guitar player from Norway… I play guitar all day long… but lately I’ve been getting a real pain in the wrist (fretting hand)… everybody tells me to rest from the guitar!!! Its horrible… I love playing… I want to play all the time!! Help me, please…
How can I play all day, without getting injurie in my wrists!!!
An answer would be more than great!

S – “Just playing is not necessarily going to make you a great musician. There are many things you can do to improve yourself while you let your hand rest. It’s difficult to rest when you want to play, I know, but you must because you can damage yourself.
Develop your ears. Get some books on solfeggio and sight singing. Learn to hear music in your head while looking at it on paper. Sit and write melodies that you hear in your head. Practice much slower, hitting only one note every 30 seconds and make it sound great and listen to it ring out.
Create tapes of chords that you can listen back to and name when you hear them, this is great ear training. Listen to inspirational music that you like. Study theory and imagine how you can apply it to the instrument. These are few things.