Frank Zappa “FZ Original Recordings; Steve Vai Archives, Vol. 2″ (2001)
FZ Original Recordings
December 11, 2001
Light Without Heat

On this disc – only available in The Secret Jewel Box set – Vai reflects here on his three years as a member of Zappa’s ensemble where he was credited not just as “guitarist” but as wielder of “strat abuse” and “impossible guitar parts.” These are original Frank Zappa recordings, written and produced by the late musical innovator, and authorized by the Zappa Family Trust. The booklet contains the original liner notes for each Zappa track, along with Steve’s comments on each track.

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1.Tell Me You Love Me
2.Theme From 3rd Movement of Sinister Footwear
3.Jumbo Go Away
4. Drowning Witch
5. Envelopes
6.Teen-age Prostitute
7. The Jazz Discharge Party Hats
8.Ya Honza
9.Alien Orifice
11.I'm A Beautiful Guy
12.Beauty Knows No Pain
13.What's New In Baltimore
16. Magic Fingers
17.Strictly Genteel

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I think I was 13 years old when my friend invited me over to his house to listen to 'a cool new record.' The music was completely different from anything I'd ever heard. It was intense yet subtle, profound and exquisite. It had fast, tight little notes and cool guitar playing. It had great singing, outrageous lyrics and was funny as hell. It was Frank Zappa. After one listen to 'Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy,' tears of joy filled my eyes as I realized that a misunderstood, gawky, prepubescent misfit like me had finally found something he could totally relate to. I immersed myself in the elixir of Zappa and have yet to surface.