AGS Tour recap

Hey Folks, 

Pia and I just returned from a fabulous “Alien Guitar Secrets” master class tour in Europe. 

I got to visit some places I have never been and met some wonderful folks along the way. 

I so much enjoy doing these little tours and would like to thank all the fine people that attended the classes. 

A special shout out to my good buddy Riccardo Cappelli who organized the trip and had us laughing virtually the whole time. 

We were in :

Oslo Norway, Helsinki Finland, Zoetermeer Netherlands, Guilford UK, Madrid Spain, Luxembourg, Malta, Athens Greece,  Isola Del Liri Italy and Tel Aviv Israel



One other bit of cool news. Some time ago, The Hard Rock Cafe acquired my 1946 Harley Davidson Knuckle Head motorcycle and it’s on display in their Daytona location. I loved that motorcycle and put a lot of miles on it back in the 90’s and now it’s so nice to see it in a place where more people could enjoy it than when it was sitting in my garage!