06 Dec

An Invitation from Steve Vai

It’s that time again! I’m very excited to invite you all to join me at Vai Academy 5.0, taking place July 29 – August 2, 2019 at The Mansion at Glen Cove on Long Island in Glen Cove, NY not far from where I grew up in Carle Place. I was a teenager on Long Island in the 70’s and it was an amazing place to grow up. New York City wasn’t far, nor was The Hamptons. Living in California is nice, but I’m one of those guys that pines after the seasons so growing up on Long Island was pretty magical. Summertime is especially beautiful so I’m already looking forward to it.

Vai Academy 5.0 will include all of the things we usually offer – a myriad of classes with outstanding teachers, study and discussions on technique and theory, and of course, my own metaphysical meanderings that I believe are at the core of the transformation you are capable of with your instrument. But this year, the theme of the camp is “Sound Sculpting,” and we will be diving deep into the quality of the tone that comes out of your amp, focusing heavily on signal path and the use of FX. Signal path is integral to the quality of your tone. The way the signal comes out of your guitar, and goes into various stomp boxes, and then into your amp, alters tremendously based on the FX you use and the order in which they are plugged in. There will be discussions on the most effective signal path, when to use a digital or analog FX, how the FX loop actually works, how various FX work and the terminologies of FX perimeters when programming. It’s a vast field that many guitarists don’t quite understand, even though it’s integral to their sound.

At my last camp, I personally taught more classes than ever before. I really enjoy speaking to the campers so that will continue at Vai Academy 5.0. We will also have a number of other extremely competent artists around to offer their wisdom and tips. The other teachers I’ve invited are all accomplished in their field, although that does not necessarily mean they need to be famous to be effective teachers. Of the utmost importance is that they are able to teach in a way that encourages and inspires the students to expand their own tools for the discovery and manifestation of their own uniquely creative visions. Having said that, we certainly do have some “famous” artists joining us.

One thing that I think makes Vai Academy so special is that I jam with each and every attendee. This might be my favorite aspect of the camp. Connecting with another person on a musical level is an intimate space I love embracing. We musicians are always learning something on some level, and I believe I learn something every time I jam with a student, no matter what level they are at. I can make music with someone even if they show up with a dime and a rubber band.

This is our fifth Vai Academy, and I’m so appreciative of how it has grown and evolved over the past five years. At the end of every camp we send out a questionnaire to those that attended, with very specific questions regarding what they liked, didn’t like, what they would like to see more of, etc. We really listen to what they tell us so hopefully this next camp will be our best yet. There’s a diverse group of people that attend, all at different levels of proficiency, with different understandings of music and the music business. We try to keep things at a level that is helpful for all, and the way we go about doing that is continuing to evolve at every camp.

I know I’m personally looking forward to Vai Academy 5.0. Hope to see you all there!

Steve Vai

Visit www.vaiacademy.com for more information!

12 Nov

Handpainted Guitars…

When I started doodling with art, I decided to paint a few Jem bodies and the colorful guitar I used in the “Dark Mater” video was one of them. 

I’ve painted 4 guitar bodies so far. Two were Ibanez Strat style guitars I did some years ago for the “Experience Hendrix” tour. 

One of them, “Girly”, is used quite a bit on tour these days. It’s tuned down a whole [ … Read More ]

26 Sep

Steve jams on Good Day LA, talks Big Mama Jama Jamathon

Steve was on “Good Day L.A” this morning to promote the Big Mama Jama Jamathon. You can check out the video here!


15 Sep

Spotlight 2005 rebroadcast by Co de Kloet

This Sunday September 16th, Co de Kloet will re-broadcast his one hour SPOTLIGHT broadcast with Steve.

Original airdate: August 12 , 2005 on Radio 4 in his show 4FM

With music by Leonard Bernstein, Igor Strawinsky, Tom Waits, Frank Zappa, Jimmy Page and Steve.

Yet another Steve-Co-operation

The radio show will start at 19:00 local Dutch Time (CEST). You can listen in online via the NPO Radio 2 website by clicking [ … Read More ]

 For all upcoming shows, check our tourdates page

Steve Vai

Tour: Generation Axe US 2018
12/11/18 https://www.vai.com Steve Vai in Clearwater, FL, United States
Buy Tickets
Ruth Eckerd Hall
12/13/18 https://www.vai.com Steve Vai in Austin, TX, United States
Buy Tickets
ACL Live at The Moody Theater
12/14/18 https://www.vai.com Steve Vai in Dallas, TX, United States
Buy Tickets
The Bomb Factory
12/16/18 https://www.vai.com Steve Vai in Salt Lake City, UT, United States
Buy Tickets
Rockwell @ The Complex
12/18/18 https://www.vai.com Steve Vai in Los Angeles, United States
Buy Tickets
Wiltern Theatre

12 hours ago

Steve Vai

Join us for 4 days and nights of non-stop guitar! Registration for Vai Academy 5.0 is now open at www.VaiAcademy.com ... See MoreSee Less


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i cant afford it im low income

Even though I met you for five minutes and was scared as hell, you were/are so rad.

Para el que tiene guita

I'll try to make it. It would be a dream come true!

Awe man I wish I could go in pursuit of the joy of playing and signal chasing. It used to be such a passion of mine. Mr. Vai, you have been a special part of my life. I appreciate you. Cheers and blessings. -Adam

didnt steve vai get buy the karate kid on crossroads on vhs

Steve when are you coming to Cleveland

Methinks the Via could learn a thing or 2 from listening. m.youtube.com/watch?v=Mtyyz7aJ9hU


So cool you got Plini in there...he is the future

master, faster!

Steve love youuuuuuuu master of the master

do You need Lessons Steve?

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13 hours ago

Steve Vai

The newest member of Generation Axe! We’re in Clearwater, FL tonight: bit.ly/GenAxeClearwater ... See MoreSee Less

The newest member of Generation Axe! We’re in Clearwater, FL tonight: bit.ly/GenAxeClearwater


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I want to see Yngwie do battle with it, armed with nothing but a Stratocaster and the sheer power of his shredding.

Get Malmsteen to shoot some fire from his axe at it. See what happens. lol :)

Keep an eye on Yngwie, so he doesn’t try to walk away with a new stage prop.....

Love from Nepal

So excited for my 13yr old son getting to see you all perform tonight !!

Over on the other coast of Florida (almost a straight line across the state), there used to be a massive green dragon shaped house on an island right off the North side of the Melbourne Causeway. They always litup the mouth and eyes on the 4th of July.

I’ll be there🤘

Fire breather

Add Tim Henson to the tour!

I am out of town, dammit. 😤

Looks like he's draggin' in some power chords!

Steve i see youve met my brother!!

Saint George will slay that dragon right out of your hair .

Steve you bugger ,we left there to return to the UK 2 weeks ago ,so near yet so far ,gutted to have missed you guys ,have a merry axemas

This Man inspired me to pick a Guitar Bad Horsie...Pure Weed Song...love the Guitar Love you Steve Vai

That is AWESOME!!!!!🐉

I will be there. Saw you in Clearwater last time at meet greet! Great time!!

Genial, buenisimo Steve.

Steve’s going to slay that dragon with his Axe 🎸🙏🏼

Yeah but "can he Djent?" 😑

Is that a chicken or a parrot on its nose?

Why do I feel like Arby’s made this out of fry containers and roast beef?

What's up with the Dragon 🤔 more 🔥 and power or what ?

Keep an eye out for my brother-in-law -- I think he's coming to the show. (Kidding -- I know you couldn't pick him out of a lineup). BTW, I blogged about you today on LinkedIn -- check it out: www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6478260763311038464

Looking a little sleepy Steve.

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1 day ago

Steve Vai

5 part harmonies for the win! #GenerationAxe Tickets for tonight at bit.ly/GenAxeHollywoodFL 📸: Mark Schoen Photography ... See MoreSee Less

5 part harmonies for the win! #GenerationAxe Tickets for tonight at http://bit.ly/GenAxeHollywoodFL  📸: Mark Schoen Photography


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A me sinceramente tutti questi super chitarristi insieme a far la gara a chi va più veloce mi hanno un po' rotto

-Tosin: “yeah one head one 4x12 cab and Im fine” -Nuno: “Same but give me two amp heads...because” -Zakk: “nah you got it wrong, one head two cabs bro” -Steve: “two of everything, stereo rig yo” -Yngwie:”FUCKING 26 HEADS AND 14 CABS BECAUSE F YOU THATS WHY!!!”

One man in the pic drinks Valhalla Java. Guess which one.

5-Part Harmony - that’s Toisin sorted, what are the rest of you playing ... ?

Amazing concert! We had VIP tickets, which was awes ok me. The concert lacked safety however! Unfortunately, the security and police force at Hard Rock Live Orlando were NOT present or active! My son, recovering from drug addiction, told Security, the police and Hard Rock staff of illegal drug use in the restroom, after which the perpetrators followed him to our seats and began blowing smoke of concentrated typically 70-90% THC blend on me and my son. NO HELP CAME FROM THE VENUE! I had to rip the pens from their mouths, make them put them away and ask them to leave in a very Fatherly manner. In 20+ concerts with Vai I have NEVER had such a low level of security with such an apathetic staff! Then, press cameramen pushing us over to get a shot, hitting my son, the lady in front of us and others with their big camera lenses causing the people in front of me to leave, saying they were demanding a refund as well. Generation Axe promoters needs to boycot this venue forever and eject these frelance photographers! Can we just have an enjoyable concert...especially when you drop serious $$$$ for VIP tickets! Seriously!!!

I want a fuck blueray of this Magic tour!!!!! HERO'S WHEN!!!!

Saw them in Greensburgh last week...awesome....In my opinion Nuno stole the show but they were all great

Zak's guitar is cheesy looking!

When are you coming to Cleveland

This tour is Epic in history!!! 5 of my favorites guitar players, please make a blue ray of this jewel...

To many great guitarists on 1 stage

You need to add Buckethead to the roster.

That looks like a flashback to a 1970's Blue Oyster Cult concert.

Got any country music

Brau Stefinu. Ma quannu scinni ntorna a Caddhipuli cu soni nu picca te pizzica? Ca a quai alli cristiani sta ne fervine li peti ca oline cu ballane e cu zumpane. Nucite li strumenti però ca quiddhi ca nc'erine l'annu passatu se l'aje sciucati a carte ddhu fessa tu Fabio. No te scurdare mai te le radici ca tei e de comu bruscia la terra te qua sutta. Sguarite beddhu

Aqui na Bahia lê-se geração axé! Mariana Silveira kkkk

That wall of heads and cabs 🤘🤘🤩🤩

Great show but why weren't the video screens in use?? PS one of the most amazing things I've ever seen was Zakk walking across a row of seats in the audience while playing the guitar behind his head and as far as I could tell, not missing a note!

Yngwie still has to have his wall of sound, tho most know those things are hollow..

jus missin sam totman

I am surprised Yngwie let Steve stand in the middle of the group like that! 4 guitar players, little half stacks in front of drummer, Yngwie, all of the stuff behind the drummer!


Good shit. My buddies met you backstage in orlando. I’m jelly. 😎

Guitar Pick wizard here... holler at me!

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