06 Dec

An Invitation from Steve Vai

It’s that time again! I’m very excited to invite you all to join me at Vai Academy 5.0, taking place July 29 – August 2, 2019 at The Mansion at Glen Cove on Long Island in Glen Cove, NY not far from where I grew up in Carle Place. I was a teenager on Long Island in the 70’s and it was an amazing place to grow up. New York City wasn’t far, nor was The Hamptons. Living in California is nice, but I’m one of those guys that pines after the seasons so growing up on Long Island was pretty magical. Summertime is especially beautiful so I’m already looking forward to it.

Vai Academy 5.0 will include all of the things we usually offer – a myriad of classes with outstanding teachers, study and discussions on technique and theory, and of course, my own metaphysical meanderings that I believe are at the core of the transformation you are capable of with your instrument. But this year, the theme of the camp is “Sound Sculpting,” and we will be diving deep into the quality of the tone that comes out of your amp, focusing heavily on signal path and the use of FX. Signal path is integral to the quality of your tone. The way the signal comes out of your guitar, and goes into various stomp boxes, and then into your amp, alters tremendously based on the FX you use and the order in which they are plugged in. There will be discussions on the most effective signal path, when to use a digital or analog FX, how the FX loop actually works, how various FX work and the terminologies of FX perimeters when programming. It’s a vast field that many guitarists don’t quite understand, even though it’s integral to their sound.

At my last camp, I personally taught more classes than ever before. I really enjoy speaking to the campers so that will continue at Vai Academy 5.0. We will also have a number of other extremely competent artists around to offer their wisdom and tips. The other teachers I’ve invited are all accomplished in their field, although that does not necessarily mean they need to be famous to be effective teachers. Of the utmost importance is that they are able to teach in a way that encourages and inspires the students to expand their own tools for the discovery and manifestation of their own uniquely creative visions. Having said that, we certainly do have some “famous” artists joining us.

One thing that I think makes Vai Academy so special is that I jam with each and every attendee. This might be my favorite aspect of the camp. Connecting with another person on a musical level is an intimate space I love embracing. We musicians are always learning something on some level, and I believe I learn something every time I jam with a student, no matter what level they are at. I can make music with someone even if they show up with a dime and a rubber band.

This is our fifth Vai Academy, and I’m so appreciative of how it has grown and evolved over the past five years. At the end of every camp we send out a questionnaire to those that attended, with very specific questions regarding what they liked, didn’t like, what they would like to see more of, etc. We really listen to what they tell us so hopefully this next camp will be our best yet. There’s a diverse group of people that attend, all at different levels of proficiency, with different understandings of music and the music business. We try to keep things at a level that is helpful for all, and the way we go about doing that is continuing to evolve at every camp.

I know I’m personally looking forward to Vai Academy 5.0. Hope to see you all there!

Steve Vai

Visit www.vaiacademy.com for more information!

12 Nov

Handpainted Guitars…

When I started doodling with art, I decided to paint a few Jem bodies and the colorful guitar I used in the “Dark Mater” video was one of them. 

I’ve painted 4 guitar bodies so far. Two were Ibanez Strat style guitars I did some years ago for the “Experience Hendrix” tour. 

One of them, “Girly”, is used quite a bit on tour these days. It’s tuned down a whole [ … Read More ]

26 Sep

Steve jams on Good Day LA, talks Big Mama Jama Jamathon

Steve was on “Good Day L.A” this morning to promote the Big Mama Jama Jamathon. You can check out the video here!


15 Sep

Spotlight 2005 rebroadcast by Co de Kloet

This Sunday September 16th, Co de Kloet will re-broadcast his one hour SPOTLIGHT broadcast with Steve.

Original airdate: August 12 , 2005 on Radio 4 in his show 4FM

With music by Leonard Bernstein, Igor Strawinsky, Tom Waits, Frank Zappa, Jimmy Page and Steve.

Yet another Steve-Co-operation

The radio show will start at 19:00 local Dutch Time (CEST). You can listen in online via the NPO Radio 2 website by clicking [ … Read More ]

 For all upcoming shows, check our tourdates page

Steve Vai

Tour: Generation Axe US 2018
12/16/18 https://www.vai.com Steve Vai in Salt Lake City, UT, United States
Buy Tickets
Rockwell @ The Complex
12/18/18 https://www.vai.com Steve Vai in Los Angeles, United States
Buy Tickets
Wiltern Theatre

5 hours ago

Steve Vai

Yup! That’s the note! Generation Axe SLC tonight! Tickets here: bit.ly/GenAxeSLC
📷: Kara Uhrlen
... See MoreSee Less

Yup! That’s the note! Generation Axe SLC tonight! Tickets here: bit.ly/GenAxeSLC 
📷: Kara Uhrlen


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Arrangement of Bohemian Rhapsody was AWESOME!!!

Fantastic show in Dallas on Friday, anyone thinking of going do it. I came all the way from Australia to see it!

nice hat slash.. errr OMG thats steve vai?? shame <iframe src="https://giphy.com/embed/PEtL0mS2JXMBi" width="480" height="360" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="https://giphy.com/gifs/reaction-wizard-klux-PEtL0mS2JXMBi">via GIPHY</a></p>

Did you steal Slash's hat?

Hey Steve! You use it the pyramid when composing?!I love👉For the Love of God.Success for tonight.🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🔥🎶❤️🤘👍👍

Are guitar players going back to hats??

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1 day ago

Steve Vai

Caption this... Generation Axe Tour Nuno Bettencourt
📷: Steve Kalinsky
... See MoreSee Less

Caption this... Generation Axe Nuno Bettencourt 
📷: Steve Kalinsky


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If you take the guitars out.... This becomes something else...

Together we will beat Ralph Macchio

Here's the one that followed...

(Nuno) "No Steve, to play Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee, you have to have your delays set like this..." (Vai) "But I'm not playing it with a delay!?"

Shoulda dipped it...

Steve: Right here? Nuno: sssssss...so close.

You've got licks, Steve. But....check out my Michael Jackson lean shamone!

I need to axe you something...

Get the funk out, Steve!

Hey, did you know you can save 15% on your car insurance by switching to Geico?

“Ooohhhh, you’re using those zircon encrusted tweezers!!!”

Oh so thats how you play smoke on the water...

And this Nuno is how I made Ralph Macchio look really silly in Crossroads. . . .

Vai-ing to be the ultimate in Extreme awesomeness.

Nice shirt Steve, I have the same one in xtra small

Nuno:- No you're f**king it up again Vai.

“The sustain” can you hear it on 11

"Who does your nails?" JK, you both kick ass!

Nuno: come on steve, make the face. You know the one....

When you speak in strings

Wish I had 24 frets I’ve got a wobbly bar thing tho like you 😜

Oh you think you can play 3 million notes a minute?....hold my beer.

Crazy talent admiring crazy talent

Is that in D-minor, the saddest chord of all?

"That's pretty good man, but sit down in that chair right there and let me show you how its done".

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2 days ago

Steve Vai

Generation Axe is in Dallas, TX tonight! Tickets here: bit.ly/GenAxeDallas 📷:Cheyenne Comerford Photography ... See MoreSee Less

Generation Axe is in Dallas, TX tonight! Tickets here: bit.ly/GenAxeDallas 📷:Cheyenne Comerford Photography


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Slash wants his hat back

Last night in Austin...

Hey Steve, Mike Keneally wants his hat back!

The Project needs to release a DVD !!!

Slash? Is that you?

The Animal!

You drew your symbol on my guitar instead of signing it do you do this often?

Make a stop in El Paso Texas Steve, been waiting, J. Satch has been here, Eric J. Been here, waiting for you 😭🙏would mean so much

Thank you for bringing the Generation Axe tour back to Pennsylvania Steve, my pops and I had a great time again, another unforgettable show you all put on!!!

His new pimp 🎩

Mad Hatter :-)

The mad hatter. And fucking Legend. 🤟🏼🎸🎶🎶🎶🎄🇺🇸🎅🏻

Steve Vai in Dallas, TX!🤯

Awesome pic.

This is an awesome photo

My high expectations were exceeded. Though I was disappointed the crowd didn’t give much love or energy until Zakk’s set, when everyone woke up. Tosin and Nuno were great.

Is that neck scalloped?

would make for a great poster!

Yo Dallas Texas. You best go see this show because it is wicked awesome. Phenomenal guitar playing.

Absolute guitar beat down!

LOVE the hat.

Cool picture.

When are you coming to Cleveland Steve

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