Thomas' own gear

Thomas' own rig: Guitars

"My setup has 4 guitars. Superstrat which you see here, the SuperPaul which is a white les Paul, The SuperBeger, a Steinberger strat and then the SuperFly, a Parker Fly. All with Steinberger tuners as you can see there. How can you get any other tuner? All these ideas are also ideas for the Ultra Jem. Each guitar has the hex pickup and Sustainer by default. The SuperPaul also has the Wah Probe. Everything on the Superstrat has changed position a hundred times to the point where you can reach and access what you need without thinking. The rig is meant to be plug and play. It has everything you need to sit and record instantly. When it's done I can enjoy it myself or rent it out. Steve wants to make a guitar album on the fly and with this rig that is possible. Have a Terabyte recorder running and just chop away at it. No more worrying."

Favorite piece of gear:

"The Robotalk, the Echoplex ofcourse which is awesome. The repeater over there, which I don't use to it's full potential. The H8000, you won't believe what's in there. The sounds and where you can go with it!"

Thomas has an impressive autograph collection on his Super Strat. Click here to view the list. (Opens in new window).

Thanks to Don Ramsay (DR) for additional pictures!

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