Gear list
Amps Pedal Board Rack Note:
The TC Electronic G-Force and the DMC Ground Control Pro have been replaced with the G-System by TC Electronic.

Thomas explains!

Steve's setup:

"The guitar in line goes into the Wah Wah on the board - either the Dunlop automatic one or the Bad Horsie (he switches between the two). From there it goes to the two distortion boxes, the DS-1 and the Keely modded TS-10, then the EvH flanger and from there it goes back into the front of the amp.
The send from the amp goes out to the volume pedal (Morley Little Alligator), into the G-system and the two stereo outputs from there go into the returns of the main head and the second head. The 3rd head is a backup. The Whammy is in the loop too, by the way.
The G-system is like a G-force but built onto this switchboard. And the cool thing is they have huge buttons with full light illumination behind them so you can see what is going on in the dark.
I plugged the Carvin amp switcher directly into the G-system - it has a built in switcher, I can assign any switch to it."

Multi Neck Guitars:

"In case of the triple neck: the middle neck (which was the main neck) went into his normal guitar rig, The top neck went to the Eventide and the bottom neck was the fretless, that went into a flanger and delay. And the double neck on the RI tour: top neck into the regular rig and the lower neck into a Zoom and from there the stereo output into a G-force for just the delay and from there into a DI box."

Guitar setup:

"It all pivots around the tip position of the whammy bar - that has to be on the same place every night, without looking. His whammy acrobatics start there. And that kind of determines the action. His action isn't really low, he likes it high enough to kind off bite into it. Other people have it lower. And intonation must be spot on of course. But I hope Steve will go in the not too far future without the locking nut. You don't need the locking nut up there. My friends whammy goes to zero every time."


"It seems like each sustainer is sort of different. Each guitar reacts a bit different. Now Steve wants to try the Sustainiac from Alan Hoover who invented it. He was with Fernandes originally. He has something that supposedly even on the high E can go into the high harmonics. Normally the high harmonics stops around the 12th fret on the B string. But really it's about what you do with it, like Steve with songs such as Whispering a prayer."