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'76 Fender Strat



Jem7VWH - “EVO”


Carvin Legacy Heads

Carvin Legacy Amplifiers


Track 05


Trumpets: Jerry Hey and Gary Grant
Saxes: Dan Higgins and Larry Williams
Trombones: Bill Reichenbach and Charlie Loper
Percussion: Jeremy Colson and Gregg Bissonette
Background vocals: Stacy Ellis

How The Song Came About:

Actually, I don’t know how this one came about. I just sat and built it.


Boom Shika-Boom Shika ba-ka-tu-ka
Boom Shika doo-ba-boom-ba-tacka-chooka
Boom Shika Boom Boom Chika Ba-koom-ta
Shika-ba-ku-ta Brrrr Chika ba-kum-ta
Boom Chica brrr brr brrr chi-koom-pa
Brrr-cha-kum-ta  brr-Chica ba-poom-pa
Boom ta-ta boom boom Shi-ka-ti-ka
Rra-ka-kack Rra-ka-tu-ka pa-ka-tu-ka

It's been a while since I knew you before
Hindsight says I was so much to blame
But even then, you possessed so much more
I buried my guilt under my fantasies

I never knew what it would do to you, oh my God
I dealt a hand and played with fate
But I still feel, and I surrender to, your intoxicant

But I want you to really know me
But when I try to get into your space

I run into your Firewall 
Medusa’s home
Built out of hurt and pain

Welcome to the
If I get too close
I will go down in flames
Eh, just look at me now
I'm on fire.

And if I could, I would get down in your soul
And clean up the mess that I made
Maybe will and grace
Will replace your faith
And we can embrace

You'll never get to know me
Unless you
Let me touch your face

A victim of your Firewall
The devil’s own
Destroy your enemies
I dance into your Firewall
When you’re done, there'll be nothing left of me

Suck me into your flames, and let me burn deep down inside until I...

What Was I Thinking:

The album liner notes:

“In a moment of lucidity, Captain Drake Mason was confronted with his way of thinking, ‘All About Eve.’”

Additional story info: This track was supposed to be sung by a woman and the character was Eve but at the last minute I decided to change the words and sing it myself.

Recording It:

The intro vocals represent 17 overdubs. The percussive track is stacked vocals too. When I was going to Berklee in Boston I enjoyed writing big band horn charts. This song gave me an opportunity to brush off those chops. I wrote the chart for 12 horns and hired 6 guys and overdubbed them.

Instruments Used:

Guitar/Amp: Main solo and funky rhythm guitar: Fender Strat through a Fender amp; Evo through a Legacy for the heavier stuff. home