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Ibanez Jem Tripleneck

Ibanez Jem Tripleneck: 12 string/6-string/Fretless


Sticker Strat

Fender Sticker Strat



Jem7VWH - “EVO”


Track 03


How The Song Came About:

When I’m plotting out the pacing of a CD, there is always the up tempo pounding rock song that helps to round out the energy, but how to throw a different slant on it was the challenge. I broke out the white triple neck for this, although I have decided to not take it on the RI tour. Instead, I have another newer surprise for the performance of this song live.

What Was I Thinking:

The album liner notes:

The Seraphim gathered in response to the cries from the physical.  There was more to this little town than met casual observation. A decree was made to send One from Helios and Vesta. It’s name was Pamposh.

There are subtle dimensions that our senses are not tuned enough to be aware of, and one of these dimensions is one where thought forms take on various shapes and realities. We feel them as “vibes” in the physical and can at times be possessed by them as far as we let them resonate in our minds and cause us to take thought or actions.

From this one town the thought forms were taking on such heavy shapes that they reached the radar of the dimension’s hierarchy in such a way that help was sent.

Recording It:

The basic riff was found on a scrap dat tape, maybe one of 3,000 riffs. I had about 5 pieces that would fit the bill and almost fully recorded 3 of them before I threw them all away after finding this one.

I threw down the track to a drum machine then Jeremy and Billy did their thing. I then added all the decorations.

Instruments Used:

Rhythm Guitar: Middle guitar, Sticker Strat through Fender amp.
Main Rhythms: Evo through Legacy
Melody and Lead Guitar: Intro melodies were the Floral synth guitar with the Roland guitar synth used to trigger midi samples. The guitar out went into a Legacy.

The main melody for the verses (that cat-like sound) was recorded on the White Triple neck guitar’s fretless neck. The output of the neck was put into a rack mountable Zoom and I built that sound within the Zoom.

The flailing melodies before the odd Beatle-like heavy metal breakdown were tripled and then tripled again with samples.

SV’s Final Comment:

The special moment in this track happens for me half way through the breakdown section. It feels like overkill melodic bliss in the middle of all this distorted chaos. Hey, what else am I here for? home