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Jem77FP with Roland GK-2A Synth Controller


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Track 02

“Dying For Your Love”

How The Song Came About:

I walked up to my Triton keyboard, struck up a groove patch and started singing to it. I was hearing the ostinato bass figure and my ear was creating these counter culture type melodies on top, complete with left field harmonic dispositions. Finding the right chord and melody to create an effective harmonic atmosphere to deliver melodic visuals to the words of a song is quite a creative treat. You feel something and then you look for the melody and chord that best describes it.

The subject matter and the way this song is sung may come as a bit of a surprise to some but… I guess it’s always been there and is just coming out now. There was a period of about 3 days that it took to write these lyrics. It was a very tumultuous time as I was going through some… well, never mind that.

When creating this piece I did away with anything that I thought I should chase and let my ying and yang dictate as clear as possible. That’s when I heard the guitar melodies that happen at the beginning of each verse.


I stared into a mirror for three days, didn’t eat or sleep
Just to see if I could see something down underneath,
yeah yeah
I saw angels and demons in fear and a torn blue little soul
In an ocean of your love

There were kings and killers, the face of a beggar
And everything I ever was
In there was heaven and hell, and the whole creation
Was Dying For Your Love
And now I’m Dying For Your Love
I said, I’m Dying For Your Love

And there’s nothing I wouldn’t do or go through to get to truth
But faceless things are in my way
Yes, I can see every little thing we never really knew
Is lying there buried in the silence
Waiting for time to decay

Lust and anger, a freak and a savior
And pieces of the universe
Black phantom creatures, trapped in a prison of desire
Are crying for your love

Now I’m Dying For Your Love
We all are Dying For Your Love

And I need to feel me in those arms again
I said, I need to feel me in those arms again

Because I’m Dying For Your Love
I said, I’m Dying For Your Love
I’m Dying For Your Love
We all are Dying For Your Love

What Was I Thinking:

The album liner notes:

“He felt that human love was mostly selfish. He was determined to discover its purest form. Stripping himself to the core after an eternity of being bound by iron and sometimes golden chains, he touched it and became a slave to its ambrosia.  He was then honored with the responsibility to direct those who were ready to be directed.”

This piece is performed by Pomposh and is a depiction of the events of his present and past lives. He has been in existence for quite sometime and like all consciousnesses, has been evolving into a state of pure awareness. Before he can reach those lofty heights that are necessary to be a director of souls, he must first experience within himself a spiritual euphoria that is brought on by a communion with his inner, higher self. He is also confronted with inner entities that have been at the core of his turmoil.

Recording It:

I laid down the drum groove and then just built this track with my ears. I was looking for a thick guitar, synth patch that had a clear sound and once I found it within the Roland guitar synth, these melodies took shape fast.

My choice was to print this track very loud and a little distorted to accentuate the grit.

Instruments Used:

Rhythm Guitar: Bad Horsie through a Legacy.
Melody and Lead Guitar: Floral pattern Jem with Roland guitar synth. I used a patch within the Roland gear along with a blend of the Legacy amp.

SV’s Final Comment:

This may come as a surprise but I see this track as one of my more interesting and evocative pieces. No doubt it will be a real challenge for some people to tolerate and may be considered macabre and dark but it’s actually a song about deep and desperate longing. At one point, after I finished it, I sat back and listened to it for about a week straight all the time feeling that it was my own personal Pandora’s Box, and maybe some other people’s too.

You’ll only get one first listen to this one with it’s accompanying sensation. If you stick to it the sensation can change with every listening. home