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Hi, I'm Fusker from Argentina and I want to know "when I was a little boy" lyrics. Well... Thank you for understand me, remember: life is good. Bye bye![/b]
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Hey welcome to the forum.

When i was a little boy I..I...I was a little boy and i saw... I looke down and i saw a little weinie.
It was right...right there and it was just a little weinie and it was right there. And..and i liked to play with it, yeh, i liked to play with my little weinie it makes me feel good. And then..and then i grew up a little bit. And then i realized that..hey man you cant cant just like play with your weinie, its not cool man, cause if other people find out you get in alot of trouble and worst then that you go blind! You dont want that.

So I..grew up a little more and the next thing i knew i started getting a little peach fuzz on my weinie. Thats right i had it under my arms and i had it all over the place and the next thing I know i couldnt play with my weinie anymore 'cause i was blind.

You dont want that.

And then i grew up a little more and the older I got the more i played with my weinie again but isnt that just the way it goes?
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One of my all time favorite Stevie tracks...

I was laughing so hard the first time I heard it, my stomach was hurting for days.

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it still makes me laugh as hard each time I hear it
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ROCK KITTEN 76 wrote:it still makes me laugh as hard each time I hear it
It still makes me laugh too and it's such a true story.... oops. Did I say that out loud?

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The content doesn't make me laugh, but the voices do.

Well, some of the content does.

I guess it always seemed out of place on a record like "Fire Garden." *shrugs*
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