Happy Birthday to the One and Only Steve Vai!

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Happy Birthday Steve!

I'm at that stage in life that every day I wake up, I'm both surprised and happy :). One of the first things I do after I manage to get my eyes open and regain some of my motor skills is fire up the iPad and watch a view videos on Youtube, and you are one of my "go to" artists for some early morning inspiration. One of my favorites is the Live at the Astoria version of Whispering a Prayer. You are literally channeling your higher power on that song, and it's something to see & hear.

I've been a fan ever since I saw the movie Crossroads (in the theater when it was released--yep, I'm old), and you have amazed my for most of my adult life. So...many thanks to you on your birthday for bringing peace, love, and good happiness stuff to me and countless others around the world!
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