Naked Tracks, YouTube & Copyright ?

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Open G
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Naked Tracks, YouTube & Copyright ?

#1 Post by Open G » Mon Nov 18, 2013 9:09 am

Hi Guys and Girls,

I'm new here. Been a fan of Steve's for as long as I can remember. His playing and practice techniques are a great inspiration for my own, but also his outlook on life has really been a great help.

I've been working on some YouTube videos for the benefit of others in which I show how it's possible to play pleasing guitar instrumental solo's purely in Open G tuning.

The Naked Tracks have been 'instrumental' in developing my style and I would like to be able to demonstrate this using various Naked Tracks as the backing.

I note that there are many covers played to Naked Tracks already on YouTube but I would be uploading my own arrangements played to the tracks.

Is there a potential copyright problem here. No money will be made from this. I don't even monetize my videos.

Obviously I could just upload them like others do, but that's not my style.

From previous experience whereby a radio was playing in the background of one of my videos, the YouTube 'sensors' detected the music and I had to complete a copyright questionaire.

Sorry for the long, long question and thank you,

Kev :guitar

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