The Flex-Able Album - Artwork/Master differences?

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Hi !!!!!!! i think i have a rare album from steve vai. Its called flex-able but its not the flexable album i have ever seen before :?: Well I begin by explaining the album to ya: The cover of the album is different. Thats just it, its different. Know if steve put out the album and desided to change the cover? Well i have it but i don't know its value. It's a black backgraund with pink letters that says "steve vai's flex-able" and on the bottom of the cover it has a hand reaching out and pulling on a heart. The album label is "food-for-thought records ltd" 33 and one half speed. If anybody can help me out that would be great.
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thanks again !!!!!!!!! :o
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You have a regular copy of the album. It's most commonly found on vinyl, but it can also be found with this artwork on CD. Here it is:


It's one of the three different covers. The other covers that exist are:


and the rarer:


A little point of interest: The picture of Steve on the front of the two albums above is actually based on a photo that was used in an old Carvin ad.

You can read all about the record HERE.

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Aren't there even more covers with that where made for the Vinyl?
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Yeah I have the black and red one on CD. I didn't know there were alternate covers until I found it and asked people about it!

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I've just read on the website the following comment from Steve concerning Flex-able:

"By the way, there are 4 different versions of Flex-Able released in Europe. The only difference is a slight edit I made to each of the mother masters. "

Does anyone know any details about those differences?

I have Flex-able both on vinyl (the pink-on-black lettering with the hand extending the heart) and on cd (same cover). On the vinyl, there is in 'Little green men' a munchkin vocal saying 'We were sent here by God' (thank u Mikey :wink: ) . This same vocal phrase is mixed backwards on the cd release I have.
Are these the differences Steve is reffering to? Are they others?

thanks for the replies.
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