Pickups: Gravity Storm/Dark Matter vs Dark Matter 2

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Correct me if I'm wrong...

There's Gravity Storm, then Dark Matter is just GS with the metal cover? And then the DM2 pickups were designed specifically for the new woodie?

I'm not a Jem owner, but am looking to put a set of Vai pickups into my old Charvel... and had decided on the Gravity Storms. However, then I saw the DM2 and the EQ difference (more lows and mids than the GS). I'm guessing the woodie mahogany/rosewood body was warmer, so they re-voiced the DM2s to compensate...? (mostly the bridge; the neck pickups seem virtually identical)

Anyway, my old Charvel is a dinky, basswood body with maple/RW neck. Just wondering GS or DM2...
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between those two i'd pick a GS
I have them in one prestige... they're not bad

EVOLUTIONS might be a good start

If you don't have a guitar with those i'd try those first

I haven't put the time into the guitar with gravity storms to really know their full potential

BUT i know how evos and evo2's behave
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