What's New For Steve Event, Content-Wise, Product Releases.

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kyle am I
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What's New For Steve Event, Content-Wise, Product Releases.

#1 Post by kyle am I » Wed Jan 01, 2014 7:18 am

It's early to start speculating, but go ahead and share some ideas of what might be coming along the way during 2014. We already have clues to a new DVD production, orchestra record from the NNO tour last year...

None of that will be actually released in 2014, but production may start on at least those two speculations.

Possible master classes? An east coast master class would be awesome! Although after practically two years of straight touring that's probably unlikely.

Since the Jemini has been discontinued- maybe the release of a Jemini 2 pedal? Maybe this one will have a third pedal in it? ;) Really, the most ibanez could expand on Is the premium line of Jems- last year saw a new universe premium and a new universe- I can see a discontinuation of the Floral Pattern 2 and maybe a new Jem, along with maybe a switched up premium Jem in a different color than Sea Foam Green. The JEM EVO has run it's course, it's been available for about a year and a half years now so they're probably pretty much all sold.

Any other ideas or any news?

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Re: What's New For Steve Event, Content-Wise, Product Releas

#2 Post by Quokka » Thu Jan 02, 2014 1:03 pm

Hi Kyle,
Hi Guys ... and hello Girls,

First of all I wish you all a *** - ful year ! :guitar :P

To come back on the topic of this post, I think Steve didn't tour with the NNO orchestra last year ... It was the Evolution Orchestra from Roumania.

As far as the ideas for 2014, I think Steve will get some sleep - for a couple / several months. Didn't he say so in an interview ... ?

(What would be great is to get to see Steve again performing some tracks from P&W. As it is the 25th anniversary of its release ... ---> I need to remove this, as I just saw that I am 1 year ahead of time since P&W was released around June 1990)

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Re: What's New For Steve Event, Content-Wise, Product Releas

#3 Post by amegari_hikaru » Sun Jan 12, 2014 5:57 pm

First, Happy new year for all on Vai.com

Second, here's my two cents...

Holland DVD and Nokia Theater DVD...

steve also mentioned the release of the songs "expanding the universe" and "the middle of everywhere" ... with that I am satisfied :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

warm regards

J. Ignacio

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