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Nice they just list 50 excellent players, and don't try to order them from
no 1 to 50. The list is in "no particular order".

Also a nice comments about Steve Vai:

Steve Vai SIGNATURE SONG: “Passion and Warfare” Passion and Warfare

Steve Vai can do things with a sustainer and twang bar that surely ain’t natural and
certainly indicate a high tantric mastery of all documented and undocumented
alien love secrets. Discovered by Frank Zappa and fostered by David Lee Roth and
Whitesnake, Vai emerged in the Nineties as a solo artist and guitar hero of major
stature. His astounding technique defies categorization. In his graceful hands, the
guitar becomes a cosmic antenna, channeling other dimensions and parallel
universes. His best work combines the swagger of a lifelong rock and roller with
the romantic soul of a poet. As if this weren’t enough, he’s also a first-rate
composer and has great cheekbones.

great cheekbones... strange what people notice :D
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b2 wrote:Steve Vai SIGNATURE SONG: “Passion and Warfare” Passion and Warfare
Yeah! I love this song, in fact its my favourite off this and any album. :guitar

50 Fastest... Ohh please. :roll:
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i have never heard vai's Passion and Warfare song from 'Passion and Warfare Album'

hmmm....strange... :headbang
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