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Well I am new here. First post! :)

I was turned on to Steve Vai music and his teacher, I forgot his name. Sorry.
That would probably be an insult to the young man who turned me on to him and breathes this kind of music and plays it very well I might add.

So, who is Steve Vai's teacher? What's his name?
I saw him on a music DVD and was blown away.
Where have I been and what have I been missing!
This is truly one-of-a-kind work of art in my estimation from someone who grew up in the sixties and listened and transpired into a variety of music to include a lot of electric guitar and rock band mania.

I think I will have to get a better sound system so I can really feel this music course through.
I see that when I watch the video that the audience members are participants rather than spectators.

I will have to definetley hear and watch more.
Watching is a big part of the satisfaction.

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Joe Satriani was Steve Vai's guitar teacher. :)
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Joe Satriani!!!

He's done some amazing albums! My personnal favorites are "Flying in a blue dream" and "The extremist". He's absolutely great but I like Steve Vai better. :wink:
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And the DVD you saw is probably Live in San Fransisco. So you need to get some shopping done..: Vai Live at the astoria, and Joe Satch live in san Fransisco.. :-) Oh, get the G3 too, they're both on them with Eric Johnson.
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Joe Satriani :mrgreen:
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