How did you discover Vai ??

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Eat 'em and Smile was where I first heard his name, but when I pulled the Flexidisk of Blue Powder out of the October '86 issue of Guitar Player magazine it was all over. Now that my son has picked up the guitar, he's been getting a steady diet of Vai and Satch for the last 2 years. 8)
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It all started with "His name is Stevie Vai & he's a crazy guy. Last November I recall he needed a spanking " ... From there I was hooked.

I heard this around 84/85 maybe. I am 34 now. I started playing guitar right around that time. Then Flexable then came out and just blew me away. I was fortunate enough to also pickup on vinyl Flexable, Flaxable LEftovers and Western Vacation. When DLR came on the seen, it was pure magic and I also started getting into Billy Sheehan as well. From there on out, its been pure Vai. Funny thing is, I heard about Vai before Joe. Then as soon as I realized who Joe was, I was buying up all the Joe I can find..

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my teacher who was a big Vai, Malmsteen and joe satch fan. he let me listen to some vai in school and i was hooked
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the first time I saw him was about 10-11 years ago. I was starting to play guitar and seen this strange long haired guy that had this absurd guitar with a hole in the body... I was like :shock: then talked about him with my teacher and never heard anything form his works since 2 years ago... now I've got all his albums and I'm going back to Zappa's records to have his complete musical evolution in the guitar

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My first Steve Vai sighting, I was watching the MTV Zappa Halloween show 1981 and I kept saying to myself where did Frank come up with a guy that can play guitar like that. I've been hooked ever since.
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My friends told me about one great guitar player called Steve Vai and his teacher Joe satriani.
So i decided to buy the G3 i listened to FTLOG.... :shock: :shock: :shock: :cry: :shock: :shock: :D

The rest is history :wink:
Tom Gilroy
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I knew about him but never gave him much thought. When I finally listened I regretted not doing so sooner.
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My GOD (*not* steve) :wink: ,
the first time I knew of Steve Vai was when I read a GP article about Zappa's little guitar virtuoso.....circa '83 or '84. Not far removed from that seemingly insignificant event, on a warm spring 1985 evening with supper on the table, the windows open to accept the soft breezes...epiphany struck.

A Siskel & Ebert review of the movie "Crossroads" was on television. Who *was* this madman swinging his guitar around by the whammy bar? Ahha, the karate kid is getting a Charvel/Jackson facial!! Hmmmmmm...who is this Pagannini-like madman? My playing IS going in this direction!!!
Well, it didn't take long to figure it all out. It was that little Italian virtuoso I read about and dismissed (why, I don't really know) a year or so ago. I suppose I was infatuated with the playing of a certain Mr. "King" Edward at the time.

All I can add is a huge thank you to the man who helped shape my own personal direction on the instrument and without whos influence I may have lost interest in the instrument years ago.
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My dad borrowed his buddys computer to fix it up, his buddy being the guitarist in his band.. So we had his computer hooked up in my house for a while, and i was being all nosey looking through folders and such, and came across a folder with about 1000 songs from about 100 different people ive never heard of.. having a short attention span, and at the time only liking rap (im not proud) i skippped every song and watched all the vids he had...

Found a folder named "VAI" and looked in it.. The only video in there was Tender Surrender from the ALS DVD and i watched the first 20 seconds or so and said, what a freakin weirdo.. this sucks!

kept the video playing and walked into the next room to make a bowl of cereal, and by the time i came back he was going full blast shredding and wailing away at the guitar and ever since ive been hooked... got me into van halen, the mars volta, satch, dream theater, etc and never looked back!
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I think it was when I first herd Zappa and got lost with the dreams of being able to play like that guitar player Steve wow he sure has a way of being able to express his inner feelings with the magic touch of his playing he has to be the best Ill ever see in my life time!! just seen him last night at big easy in Boise idaho Tony Mcalpine,billy sheehan and steve wow what a night he played for 2 1/2 hours it was like no other concert Ive ever seen
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many years ago my guitar teacher told me: "malmsteen who? go listen to vai man!" and i was like: vai? that's that? the first song i heard was ftlog and i was soooooo involved. a year later and many many hours of practice i got my 7vwh, and now all of my friends call me little vai.
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Lucky wrote:My GOD (*not* steve) :wink: ,
the first time I knew of Steve Vai was when I read a GP article about Zappa's little guitar virtuoso.....circa '83 or '84.
That was the February '83 Issue of Guitar Player, with Frank on the cover. The first guitar mag I ever bought, cause he was my favorite guitarist! (I had only been playing guitar for about 3 months) Besides the FZ cover story, there was a lengthy interview with Vai, and if that wasn't enough, Mike Varney's spotlight column included an unknown Yngwie AND a 15 year old Paul Gilbert! What a fortune cookie that issue was!
I HAD heard of Vai earlier than that because Frank was raving about his new guitarist, and actually saw that band in the Fall of '81, so I was privy to tracking his whole career, which is quite the resume, as you all know.
Back to the magazine, reading Steve's interview, I was blown away by his work ethic. As for that Zappa show, EVERYONE in the band was great, 'specially Frank. He played quite a few solos, real jewels of improvisation.
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About 6 years ago i was jamming with my best friend that has recently passed away, After we were done he told me about this killer album (Steve Vai's Flexable) and that i should check it out. He let borrow the Cd and from there on out i was hooked on Vai's infectious artistic groves and tasty licks.~
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I first heard of him while flicking through Total Guitar Magazine. It went on about how, increadible he was and how fast he was, luckily it was the same issue that had a review of 1 of his albums and it got 5/5 so i bought the album and tottaly fell in love with the music
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