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Carvin Legacy Voiced Line Out

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2005 2:31 pm
by 962
Help required urgently!

hey folks, does anybody know, is the cabinet-voiced line out on the Legacy (VL100) head stereo or mono output?

I'm hoping it's stereo so I can record straight from it to PC...answers greatly appreciated!

Posted: Tue Jan 25, 2005 11:34 pm
by Jai0705
I'm not sure what it is other than shitty sounding. I haven't been able to get my Legacy to sound very good at all, so maybe I'm biased. But in general I've heard the line out wasn't very strong sounding. And that's certainly been the case with me. Good luck though, and post again if you get good results. I say just try it out though if you haven't already, see how it sounds when you record.

change tubes

Posted: Wed Jan 26, 2005 1:33 pm
by 962
hey emerson, sorry to hear your legacy isn't sounding too hot. Mine sounds a lot sweeter than it did when I bought it - I changed the 5 preamp tubes. Mail Bob at and ask him about JJ Tubes.....he set me up with a calibrated set of them and my amp sounds beautiful!

I tried using the's not stereo, but I have been doing some recording with it. It's not bad at all.....the replication of tone is excellent, and although I'll re-record the lead guitar track with a stereo splitter like a multi-fx pedal, the voiced mono still sounds good, and is an excellent way to record rhythm guitars.

Again, I thoroughly recommend putting a set of JJ tubes in your Legacy, cause it's really worthwhile! :wink:

Posted: Wed Jan 26, 2005 2:26 pm
by Jai0705
962, thanks for the suggestion, I read another thread that talked about those same tubes you got. So that might be the problem. I've never had a tube amp and haven't had this one very long, so I don't know how tube amps work really, or how to troubleshoot any problems with sound. It might just need new tubes, who knows. I bought it used from a guy, who in turn bought it from another guy, so it's had several owners now, and I don't know its history exactly. So I might check that out.

One other question, volume high do you have it turned up for each channel? And do you have any clips I could listen to to see how your amp sounds?


Posted: Thu Jan 27, 2005 12:19 pm
by 962
yeah considering the number of previous owners, I'd feel inclined to change the tubes!

I'll sort out a sample for recording setup is without stereo output at the moment....i've been working on a track anyway, but it's guitar parts are all in mono. they actually don't sound bad, but when I replace the multifx pedal I use for stereo image, I'll be re-recording the lead guitar.

I was going to wait until then until I upload the track, but I might upload it in it's current, mono-guitar form so you can hear what the amp sounds like. I might do that tomorrow....if I do I'll let you know about it.

The track I'm working on is the first one where i've really used the amp for all the tone. All I used was a guitar, my Wah pedal (Bad Horsie of course!) and a Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal to boost the signal. The pedal isn't set for overdrive, so it doesn't affect the actual tone at just gives the signal an extra shove so I can get enough crunch without turning the amp up loud - I have to record with volume levels set at "1", so getting the right tone requires a bit of signal boosting!

here's how I have my amp settings at the moment:

Reverb - 2.5

Clean Channel:

Treble - 5.5
Mid - 9.5
Bass - 5

and that's without the "presence" switch on.

Lead Channel:

Presence - 2
Treble - 6
Mid - 9
Bass - 6
Drive - 3

The guitar i'm using is an Ibanez SA1260, still with stock pickups. It's an H-s-s setup, so using the single-coils eliminates the need to use the presence switch on the clean channel. If I use the neck pickup with the tone wound all the way on, on the Lead channel, it sounds quite SRV or kenny-Wayne Shepherd. if i then switch to the bridge (humbucker) it turns hot, kinda like Andy Timmons. Going back to the neck and winding the tone right off makes it much smoother and jazzy, kinda like a gibson 335 but without that hollow-body clout!

Hope that helps.....i'll let you know when I've put that tune up so you can hear what the JJ tubes sound like!

Posted: Thu Jan 27, 2005 7:50 pm
by Jai0705
Thanks 962, I appreciate your response. I was relieved to hear you had to record at volume level at 1 because I'm in a similar situation. So if you're able to do that than you must be able to get good tones out of the amp. So replacing the tubes should set me straight, though we use different pedals also. Yeah let me know when you get that clip up, I'd really like to hear it to see what kind of tones you're getting out of our amp. I'm really not looking for that much. I have basically 3 tones that I use regularly, a clean tone, an acoustic sounding clean tone, and a lead tone that's slightly distorted. Sometimes I back off the distortion to give me a lead tone with a little less bite. And really that's it, so I'm not asking too much out of my gear.

sounds familiar

Posted: Fri Jan 28, 2005 3:49 am
by 962
haha, that's pretty much the same requirement that I have of my gear! nothing particularly flashy! 8)

Winter Pallace

Posted: Sat Jan 29, 2005 5:42 am
by 962
Hey Emerson!

I just uploaded a very rough cut of the track I'm working on using the Legacy for tones. Check Winter Pallace here: ... ymusic.htm

The guitars are still mono at the moment, and the bass is without compression so lead and bass guitars will get re-recorded when I have the means...

I apologise for the fact that the first minute-or-so of the tune sounds like a talk show theme, but you can hear all the tones pretty clearly so, in respect, it's quite succesful! :wink:

Posted: Sat Jan 29, 2005 7:30 pm
by Jai0705
Alright, cool! Thanks for postin that, that was good to hear. The tones sounded pretty good.

Re: Carvin Legacy Voiced Line Out

Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2018 4:26 am
by leif.fifer
I stumbled on this site just because I only knew one amp I knew that actually had direct line out that sounded exactly like my cab and live sound. Every head amp I’ve ever owned since sounde fake and unnatural. I liked the head not sure why I got rid of it but I gotta say I’ve been micing ever since. I’ve never heard such a well natural recording even my leads. I’ll gladly send over and it picked up my harmonic sustain.

Since I have other amps now however I was wondering if anyone knows a way to get that same quality. Are their kits to take an existing line out that will make it cabinet voiced. I mean I listen to back when I used line out tracks from that head and it was damn good. I cannot even use any head that has line out and get even close. I always used the clean channel and used pedals for my drive but still I got rich harmonic sustain some 15 years ago. Is it possible to get the same quality with a kit for a head that already has line out but want it voiced as well?

It’s the only amp I had my sound using just the clean, unity on a basic tube screamer. I’d even play and I swear just recording free jams to tracks my guitar sounded the same as it did while I was playing. Where every other amp since I just had to mic it. The first addition carbun legacy did that and it sounded exactly the same. I’ve got great amps like even the egnator rebel I like quite a bit and you can turn the speakers off setting to do line out recording. No deal. Great sounding amp but still have to use mics which I finally got good at but you know I’d really like a kit of that quality that won’t take away a speaker out and I can upgrade my existing line out that will give me that quality. Even my harmonic sustain cake through beautifully. I’m thinking for quick recording it takes too much time when I’m recording at home. Sure when we go into the studio fine but if anyone knows a way to changeout your existing line out to get the same tone I’d appreciate it. I’m of course not talking about it with my old vintage amps I have now but as great as my egnator rebel sounds, and it’s ability to turn off the cab entirely it still sounds fake. And it’s a good amp IMO. Please advice. Thanks!!